A Trip for Pet Food Turned Around

by Skylar

This lovely little cat adoption story sent in by Skylar in Virginia is a reminder that animal rescue is helpful for humans, too! Thanks, Skylar, for the message that saving pets' lives and giving them a second chance can make us feel good about ourselves, too.

One day I was at my local Petco buying pet food for my dog. I always look at the adoption center because I love all animals. Well it turned out that Petco had just gotten some kittens from Last Chance Rescue.

My birthday was actually coming up. I asked my grandma if she would buy me one but she said no. Later I asked my mom if she would buy me a cat and she said maybe.

We went to Petco and then we saw the one who is now Mo. She was with her three brothers and we decided to buy her.

We filled out some forms saying that we would provide the best care possible for her.

Now Mo is fitting in just fine and whenever I remember that I saved her life I feel good inside.

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