Allergic to Cats (and Loving It)

by Randy

Hanging with Meeya (fighting over the space at my feet)

Hanging with Meeya (fighting over the space at my feet)

I have two babies, neither walk on two legs!

Three years ago my boyfriend called me up to ask if I wanted a kitten from behind Kohl's. I laughed at him - first off I'm not a cat lover (well, I wasn't) and second, I'm highly allergic to animals.

This kitten was dirty and hungry ... and I fell in love with him after seeing two photos that showed how friendly he was, and downright beautiful. Thank God I gave him the time of day because now I know I'm actually not allergic to Flame Point Siamese - and he's my little baby.

His name is Binks, after the black cat in the Disney movie Hocus Pocus, since at four months Binks was all white!

Every day I find something new to figure out about cats and Binks.

Why does he yell at me to wake up for no reason, why does he only blink at my boyfriend but sleep with me? I can go on and on as to how I try and understand this Siamese!

He opens and closes doors, plays golf in the tub, knows better than to kill bugs and bring them to me (instead he finds them and yells for me to kill them - LOL!)

I've noticed that most flame points are rescues, anyone know why this is?

Anyways - now, three years later, we just introduced a Snowshoe, our new baby, Meeya, and they were buddies within hours, which is amazing. I've tried to introduce my friends' cats (different ones and breeds) many times and Binks was not happy.

But I guess Siamese know their own!

Reply from Caroline:

Welcome Randy and Binks and Meeya! It's good to hear rescue stories like these (although I've never heard of anyone who was allergic to animals deliberately taking on a new cat before!) and I'm glad it all turned out so well for you.

I don't know why so many Flame Points turn up in rescues - perhaps when they're young they're so pale that people don't know what they've got?

I've given up trying to understand why Siamese cats do the things they do! A great mystery ... but they're certainly lots of fun when they're doing it!

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Oct 01, 2017
Allergic to everything and still loving life
by: Alie

When I was 3 my doctor told my mom I was allergic to cats, she said, 'Too bad, the cats are staying.' The only time I have lived without a cat was for 2 years in college. I have lived with 30 cats over my life (I am only 36!) And I have found that I am not equally allergic to all cats. I have a different reaction to each, and even the ones I have a reaction to, if I suffer through it, without taking antihistamines, it takes about 30 days and then my body seems to adjust. And it is always worth it!

Mar 01, 2012
Allergic to cats
by: Anonymous


I've been allergic to cats for my whole life (sneezing, itching, wheezing) but have always longed for a Siamese. My friend has a chocolate point boy (only has 3 legs bless) and I'd never reacted to him.

I had also heard that the allergic reaction can lessen over time with constant contact so I took the chance and welcomed my beautiful blue point into our home. I wanted one so much I was prepared to take antihistamine every day.

To my absolute joy, I've never reacted to her in any way whatsoever! She sleeps in our bed, rubs herself around my face and eyes but nothing! I'm shocked and left wondering why?

Mar 01, 2012
by: Rosalyn

Such a wonderful story, I'm so glad you found Binks. He's so beautiful and so is Meeya! Life is never dull when there are Siamese around :)

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