Booboo Bear

by Cathy Switzer
(Gold Hill, Oregon)

I acquired my Siamese cat through my sister-in-law. Her grandmother had a feral female cat and she wanted to know if I would take a kitten.

I got Bear when he was two hours old, in 2001 - I still have him today. He was pure white and still had his umbilical cord. He was so tiny and so beautiful. I fed him every two hours around the clock until he was a few weeks old. I had to wipe him so he could go to the bathroom. I became his human Mom.

His ears started to turn between six and eight weeks old. About that time I noticed the stripes on his legs and tail starting to come in - I believe he is a Lynx Point.

He has an almost buff-grayish color to him. It really goes well with his deep blue eyes and his terracotta color nose. He is a very beautiful cat.

The vet told me I have a Lilac Point Siamese, and I believe Bear is an Applehead. (I also have a Seal Point Siamese and her head has more of a wedge shape.)

At night when I am ready to go to bed, he gets up on the bed and paws at the covers until I let him in. Then he lays right up beside me and wants me to kiss him on the forehead.

When he wants fresh water he gets up in the morning and sits right at his water bowl. He will let me know he wants to eat by putting his foot in his food bowl and dragging it to make a noise.

He is very attentive to me but he does not need to be in my lap constantly.

Reply from Caroline:

Hello Cathy, thank you for telling us about Booboo Bear. How amazing to get him at such a very young age, and well done for bringing him up! It's not easy playing Mom to such a very tiny kitten.

His color sounds interesting. The striping you mentioned tends to indicate some kind of lynx (tabby) point, and buff-gray does suggest a Lilac Point, or maybe a Blue? Perhaps he's a Lilac Lynx Point?

Unfortunately, the photo is too small to be able to tell more precisely what color he is but perhaps the pages below will help you if you'd like to know more.

Thanks so much for coming to visit!

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