Bushii the Bengal?

by James
(Mountville, PA)

As I stated in my previous post (Inferno, the flame point Siamese), my mom found Bushii in late October 2010. He has beautiful marbling like some Bengals, but I am not sure if that is a trait of any other breed. Also, in the pictures, he appears to have "glitter" in his coat that is a very desirable trait of Bengals.

He is a tiny little guy at 8 pounds. The vet thinks that due to malnutrition during pregnancy and infancy, his growth was stunted, and he will always have the "kitten" look to him.

I have just recently moved to Pennsylvania, and my mom has had Inferno for the past two months while I found a place to live. In those two months, he and Bushii have become the best of friends. The two of them will keep my parents up until the late hours of the night with their horseplay and wrestling.

Because they are so close, my mom has decided to give me Bushii as well so that Inferno will have a companion while I am at work during the day. She has two tabbies already.

Next week they are bringing Inferno and Bushii to me, and I am ecstatic. It has been a long two months. Judging from his markings, would you think he is a Bengal?

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Mar 23, 2011
by: James

Bushii and Inferno have now been with me for a week. Bushii is very very skiddish, and anything that startles him will send him scurrying into my room and under the bed. The past couple days, he seems to be more comfortable, he actually spent most of yesterday evening on the tree in the living room.

If I lay on the couch and hold him on my chest with a blanket over him, he will stay for quite a while purring like crazy. Hopefully, one day, he will learn from Inferno that people are nothing to be afraid of.

Mar 12, 2011
by: James

Mom has not had him around water except for when she gave him a bath when she first took him in. She said that surprisingly he didn't seem to mind it considering he was a stray.

Mar 10, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thank you for showing us Bushii! He is beautiful!!!

Mar 09, 2011
Beautiful Bushii!
by: Caroline (Admin)

James, thanks so much for your pictures of Bushii. I agree, he does look very much like a marbled Bengal, and the 'glittery' effect you mention is totally characteristic of Bengals - no other cat breed has this glitter in their coat.

Does Bushii like water? I've read that Bengals love playing around in water, and in fact the very first one I ever saw (which had obviously got out of someone's house) was splashing around in a ditch when I first saw it. At that time I knew nothing of Bengals, and had to go home and search the Internet for 'spotted cat' - that particular one was a spotted variety!

Hope you have lots of fun with them both when they arrive!

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