Inferno, the Flame (Red) Point Siamese

by James
(Mountville, PA)

Hanging out on the ledge

Hanging out on the ledge

Inferno our flame point Siamese is very social, but not a lap cat. He is always in the same room as everyone else and is also the first one at the door to greet whoever is coming in.

I would say that he is probably an Applehead, as he is 15lbs without being fat at all. Whenever I take him to the vet he receives very high praises both for his personality and his charming good looks.

Reply from Caroline:

Thanks James for your picture and story about Inferno, which is such a great name for a flame point!

He's a beautiful boy and looks very serene gazing down from his ledge. I was amused by your story as all the Siamese cats I know always do seem to be first at the door when the doorbell rings, it must be in their DNA!

I had to go off and do some research in order to be able to answer your question! I can't say for sure exactly what you might call Inferno, because all the different 'red' variations of Siamese cats - the solid cream, apricot and red (flame) points, as well as the tabby (lynx) versions of cream, apricot and red points - can all look very similar.

All of the above have resulted from experimental breeding over the years, so without knowing a cat's lineage, it's almost impossible to tell.

So Inferno could be what we here in the UK call a red tabby point (in the US this would probably be known as a flame lynx point.)

Or otherwise he might be a plain flame (red) point. But it doesn't really matter, he's beautiful, whatever he is. With a Siamese 'mix' you will almost always get some striping.

Regarding your question about size, I would say that 15 lbs is towards the upper end of the range for Siamese cats - most of the modern show-style ones are very much smaller than that, and my own cat (who I consider to be big for a Siamese) weighs around 13.5 lbs.

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Jan 06, 2018
by: Pat

We lost our 2 year old Delilah last night. Very sad day for our family.

I am very concerned about her twin brother. He is a delicate cat and I'm concerned about his health. Do the flame tip Siamese cats not handle death of a sibling well? I am really quite clueless and worried.

Pat, I'm so sorry for your loss - it's always heartbreaking for all the family, including our cats - many of them do grieve, and pine for their deceased companions and siblings.

Give your boy lots of love and cuddles, and make sure he's eating, drinking and otherwise behaving normally. If not, a vet visit may be in order, but the main thing is to comfort and reassure him. At some point, if he really isn't handling the loss well, you may need to get him another companion, but not yet, it's too early.

Dec 16, 2017
Bear Memorial
by: bec

My red point Siamese cat saved my life by letting me know that I had a cancerous tumor in my right breast. He did so by biting me constantly. It hurt so I grabbed my self there and in doing so felt the tumor for my self.

Unfortunately 12 years later he had to be put to sleep due to ill health at the age of 18. RIP my baby Bear, thanks to you I am still cancer free twelve years later. I love you always my gorgeous boy, see you in heaven some day. Missing you always and never forget you.

Apr 15, 2017
Amazing cat
by: Anonymous

I got a 3/4 red point Siamese (1/4 ragdoll) male cat from when he was around 15 months old, and is now named Chester. (He's 3 in July 2017) Chester is such a loving cat, and always has been. He's bonded especially to me, but greets and cuddles with everyone more or less. He does enjoy routine, and rather intelligent to do tricks as well.

Chester is definitely a lap cat, he often sits upon my chest/shoulders while I lie down (can't get close enough) but he also enjoys to sleep around the house not only in the same room as me. The odd occasion I'll be able to cuddle him while I nap, and he sleeps in my arms with me. He is certainly a floppy cat, he's very easy going and doesn't meow often. He is an actively playful cat, who loves to chase lasers and unfortunately kill birds. He's fast. Chester is a wonderful cat and known no other cat like him. I love my cat.

Nov 22, 2016
Great personality
by: Anonymous

Of all the hundreds of cats Ive had (parents were breeders)... my favorite two are my redpoint males. So smart and playful and affectionate. Very outgoing and walk on a leash. Super snuggly but tough too.

Aug 09, 2016
by: Anonymous

My Jax (my girls cat...) is 9 months old and just like yours! He's not a lap cat but loves attention and is always where we are!

He loves to be patted and wakes me up every morning waiting for some love, and when we come home from work he's at the door waiting. I love my cat!

Jul 29, 2016
My Mia
by: Irene

I adopted Mia from a pet store. There were 2 red point Siamese kittens. I kept going back; then there was one. Mia is 7 and a sweetie. She loves to sit in my lap and purr and adores being petted and spoken to. I have other kitties all unique and I find cat personalities very interesting!

She has beautiful blue eyes and a distinctive meow - the "Siamese meow". I love her to pieces. She likes to snuggle with my feral kitty, Moo Moo (he's had several names - Scarlett when I thought he was a she, shortened to Scar now Mo Moo as he is a tuxedo black with cow colors) for warmth he is a sweet kitty, lets me pet him. He is always a gentlemen with the girls and gets along with the other male kitty. I love my cats.

Jul 09, 2016
Just what I needed
by: Ashley

I had a red point show up at my doorstep, she was small, I'd say she was about six months old. I fed her and gave her some water then sent her on her way because she had a flea collar. I didn't want to keep someone else's animal but it swayed me to want a Siamese.

About a month or two later I finally got my kitten and it was obvious she wasn't even eight weeks. She was very clingy and had a lot of play aggression.

The red point started showing up again. They showed interest in each other so I slowly introduced them. The stray has taken my kitten Coco under her wing. She watches her, plays with her, sleeps and grooms her. My cat has no play aggression whatsoever. I can pet her without being gnawed on or scratch up and walk through the house not having my ankles attacked. She won't leave Coco and they adore each other.

I named the red point Judy. Judy is very very mellow. Coco antagonizes her and eggs her on and she doesn't seem to mind. They both sleep on top of me. Judy is always friendly. She's not a lap cat but she'll sleep on top of me. She's not very vocal unless I'm alone with her. She still has a lot of loose skin so I think she's going to be pretty big. I asked my neighbors about her and hung a flyer.

Nobody ever came forth to claim her and she doesn't want to leave. She was exactly what I needed for Coco and we were exactly what she was looking for. Everybody wins!

May 04, 2015
BooBoo Kitty
by: Kathy Hernandez

I had a Lilac Point Siamese named Nat for 13 years. I was given BooBoo our Flame Point in November 2014 a few months after our eleven year old Basenji, Chewy died. Although I love cats, I was somewhat reluctant to own another cat after we lost Nat.

BooBoo has been such a blessing. He was all white when we got him at 6 weeks old. Now, at seven months, his ears, tail, face have distinct red points. He is absolutely beautiful and what a unique personality! He loves to perch in unusual places such as the top of fridge and top of kitchen cabinets. BooBoo loves to chat with everyone and is very friendly.

Dec 01, 2013
Life with a red color point shorthair
by: Sheila J Smith

In the late sixties they were called red colorpoint shorthairs. I had just looked at Cat Fancy and that was the centerfold. I acquired Theo as a stray in 1969. He was the greatest cat ever. He lived until 8-9-83. He was affectionate, sat on my lap and licked my tears. I miss him even though he has been gone over 30 years.

Oct 18, 2013
Big Beautiful Red Boy
by: Oklahoma Boy

I was 15 when I was at friends who had a new litter of flame Siamese. They're pure white at birth (or these were) and one kept crawling over to me so I said "I think he likes me, can I keep him?" She said if my Mom said it was cool I could have it in three weeks.

We lived on a farm and already had a dozen cats, four dogs, two coons and a skunk named Stinky, so the more the merrier.

He was the boss from the beginning. I carried him draped around my neck from the time I got him and so he was continually climbing up me to his perch his whole life. He slept on or next to me whenever he slept at night.

He hunted with the dogs and went into irrigation pipes to chase out rabbits or whatever. He loved hunting and got along well with the German Shepherds we raised.

He got monstrously big! His head was three times the size of any other cat. He would disappear for up to two weeks and come back torn and ragged, heal up and go again. Even came back with a bullet in his tail. It was amputated but he went on as usual.

Then one time he left and never returned. I had moved out of town but left him behind because he was so used to the country. He wasn't a city cat at all but I still felt guilty, as if I had abandoned him.

I'm sure wherever he's at there are open fields and irrigation pipes full of critters. I know he forgives me.

Oct 12, 2013
by: Dean

Does the Flame have a dark striped tail? We are considering a Flame to replace our seal-points that have passed away from old age. Any suggestions?

Note from Caroline: Flame Points do have striped tails, generally toning with their point color - that is, red, apricot, or cream - with red being the darkest tone.

Aug 05, 2013
by: AK Animal Lover

I have a cat that I got for free because they didn't want the kittens their cats had.

He was all white and very small so I named him Snowey, but he is now around 18 pounds and looks like your cat. He LOVES to be petted and drools like a madman when he is very happy.

Sometimes he will go exploring for 2-3 days and comes back like nothing has happened even though we worry about him when he is gone.

Jul 28, 2013
Why They Are Awesome
by: Anonymous

I almost find it hilarious how many cats seem to look exactly like mine - and I've only ever heard good things about them, personality-wise.

My own red point Siamese, Raphael, is a bit shy when meeting new people (though it only lasts a minute or two). Once he gets a sniff or two, he's your best buddy! He'll follow whoever has his attention from room to room, hop up on their lap and purr up a (very quiet) storm!

He loves to talk to you and he knows that when he feels neglected all he has to do is mournfully meow and someone will speed into the room to adore him as needed. He's a very spoiled kitty. :-)

When we first adopted him, he had been used to eating "people food" (still tries, if you don't watch carefully) and weighed a whopping 22 pounds.

Since we've been feeding him a "strict" diet of dry food (we keep his dish full) and wet food every other night, he's lost over five pounds and is a much healthier 16 lbs. 5 oz. He loves to play with you, be petted, and cuddle up with his people for nap time. He's the most awesome cat a person could ask for!

Apr 09, 2013
My Rescued Flamepoint
by: Gail

I started feeding and giving water to a small cat and a bigger older one that were "left behind" by their owners when they moved. The smaller one I really bonded with and he with me. He would sit in my lap when I sat down by my door.

He went missing for five days and I was worried. He came back but with a dangling back right leg. I took him to 3 vets and the last one let me do monthly payments for a year. Snowball, as I call him, is an indoor cat now (my $1,500 cat) but goes on my 2nd floor balcony with his two step-brothers and step-sister.

I love him sooooo much. He is a lover and is afraid of strangers. He is coming around little by little when I have family/friends over. The vet believes someone kicked him to break his leg.

He is a joy to me, despite paying so much money. He's not perfect with the leg but so much better.

Note from Caroline: How awful, Gail. But well done for taking both cats in in the first place, and then paying all that time to have his leg fixed when he got injured.

Apr 03, 2013
Red Eyes
by: parent of mozza

It sounds like my cat "Mozzarella" is a Red Point. He now at 8 years old weighs just under 18lbs but he really isn't fat ... my question is he has beautiful blue eyes during the day but at night when he turns into a helion (runs crazy for about 30-45 mins) his eyes turn like a red (I call them his devil eyes) has anyone noticed this on your cat or do you know why they change like this?

Note from Caroline: Siamese cats' eyes are blue because they don't have pigment (the color that turns eyes green or brown.) At night, particularly in the dark or with light shining in them, their eyes do appear red because of this lack of pigment.

Mar 26, 2013
Beautiful Cat
by: Hope

OMG, he looks EXACTLY like my Jinx! Gorgeous boy you have there :)

Apr 07, 2012
Siamese flamepoint
by: Elizabeth

My flamepoint is called Kacy, she is beautiful with the same behaviors.

Oct 03, 2011
by: M'Elle

My Maxx is a 7-year-old male red lynx-point Siamese that I found at a shelter. He was picked up as a stray; I adopted him on the spot. Animal control had the street address wrong and had him listed as a domestic brown and white Shorthair. He is creamy white with strong red lines on his face, spotted whiskers, brilliant blue eyes and red stripes on his legs and tail.

I brought him home as a companion to my platinum point Tonkinese female - they get along wonderfully but she likes to cuddle and groom, he likes to hang out just out of reach.

He greets me at the door and is the first one to inspect guests. He is kind of quiet compared to the Tonkinese but they are the center of my world.

Apr 27, 2011
by: Debbi

I rescued the most beautiful cat 3 years ago from our local humane society. Come to find out I have an Apricot flame, he is SO sweet. He will sit, laydown, and pick up treats with his paw and put it in his mouth - he is the most loving and friendly cat I have ever had. Not fat but weighs 22.7 lbs. He is the love of our family.

Mar 08, 2011
Bengals are beautiful, too
by: Caroline (Admin)

James, by all means post your questions and photos of Bushii. I love Bengals, although I don't know a whole lot about them, but I'd be happy to try and help. If I can't, perhaps some of our readers might be able to come up with some information.

If you post them using the form on the 'Your Photos and Stories' page I'll pick them up from there.

Mar 08, 2011
Much Appreciated
by: James


Thank you for all of your input about Inferno. I have another question regarding another breed of cat. Do you know much about Bengals? There is a story behind the question.

I have recently moved to Pennsylvania for a job, and my mother has had Inferno for the past 2 months while I found a place to live.

In October, she took in a stray, now named Bushii (a Maltese family pet name). He has beautiful marbling, making me think that he has Bengal lines.

While with my mother, Inferno and Bushii have become best friends and will play and wrestle all night long. Because they are so close, mom has decided to give me Bushii also, so Inferno will have a companion while I am at work during the day.

Would I be able to email you or post a couple pictures for your input?

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