Ching, my seal point Siamese, rescued in the nick of time

by Judy
(New York, USA)

I adopted my 7-year-old seal point Siamese cat from a rescue center that got him from a NYC kill shelter. He was there supposedly because he didn't get along with dogs.

He was 3 lbs underweight, with ringworm and upper respiratory infection. I have had Siamese cats before and knew that being in a foster home with several other cats doesn't work for most Siamese.

He was in a special room of my house for a few weeks until we cured all his problems. He had many long quiet visits from his human which helped him to trust again. Did I mention he was a biter and scratcher?

Over time he didn't gobble his food and took his time. He was introduced to the other cat, a Himmie, and a friendly small poodle.

He now has beautiful seal points and eats when he feels hungry, and no longer bites or scratches. He sleeps on the bed with the dog and of course his human that he gives a good night lick to!

He really is still only friendly to me, but likes to look from afar at others who visit. It took time, you have to understand Siamese cats who are very "dog like" in that they need attention like dogs, they are not independent like other cats, but he is very rewarding.

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