Dutchess - Royalty From a Cardboard Box

by Dan Rodden
(Buffalo, IL)

Dutchess (The Girl One)

Dutchess (The Girl One)

Dutchess and her brother came to us via a cardboard box left outside the garage where I park my school van. Undernourished and not yet weaned, Dutchess (I call her Girl One) looked more like a baby opossum than a kitten.

Our vet was dubious about her survival, but eyedroppers full of milk replacer and an iron will has brought her to where she is now.

She came to us with her brother, an orange tabby, and they are inseparable. The vet tried to separate them during their latest visit, but to no avail. They both raised Cain until they were reunited.

This is just the beginning of the story...they are only four months old.

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Dec 26, 2016
Duchess Update
by: Dan Rodden

I had no idea it had been so long since I had posted anything. Good intentions just do not show up on the site! Duchess is now six years old. Hard to believe. I have arbitrarily given her the moniker 'best cat in the history of cats'.

She is my constant companion, and every time I sit in the recliner I get 'pinned by a meezer'. She has a most loving personality, and she still, after all this time, nurses on the crook of my arm just as she did when we first got her. She truly exemplifies the saying 'Who rescued whom'! She and her brother are both truly blessings!

Note from Caroline: Thanks so much for popping in to update us on Duchess, Dan. I always wonder about the cats and owners who post on the site! I'm very glad to hear that Duchess and her brother are both doing well.

Nov 17, 2010
Duchess and her brother
by: Anonymous

Duchess is gorgeous and looks really Siamesey.

When female cats are in heat, they often mate with several toms, so although your two are litter mates, its possible they have different fathers.

Good for you for taking them into your life! It must have been hard at first, but you have been repaid with a beautiful cat. I hope you continue to enjoy them both.

Nov 10, 2010
Nice Rescue
by: Caroline (Admin)

Wow Dan, you obviously did a great job bringing up Duchess. It isn't easy hand-rearing a kitten and she clearly looks very healthy now.

Amazing that her brother is an orange tabby - I'd love to see some pictures of him too, and both of them together. After all their trials it's no wonder that they don't want to be separated.

At four months old, let's hope they now have a long life together with you.

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