Jazz: the Flame Point Siamese Kitten

by April

Jazz:  flame point Siamese

Jazz: flame point Siamese

One hot night in Alabama....while watching a movie still at 2am, a faint little miaowww caught my attention outside. As I open the front door, I barely can discern a scrawny white kitten under the car.

Shaking and timid but definitely vocal. I haven't seen any stray cats in this area and the few neighbors with cats I know are spayed and neutered. It took almost an hour and a trail of ham slices but we managed to invite the little creature inside the house.

For some reason, I call it Jasmine! We finally get a good look at it: it is scrawny indeed! Its neck as thick as my little finger, just skin and bones. Such white body, short hair but huge cinnamon ears and tail and almond shape blue eyes.

Looking a little closer, Jasmine is a HE! but for some reason, he reminds me of a jasmine flower and so Jasmine became...Jazz. He is riddled with fleas and inside his ears are black with ear-mites. As feral as he seemed at first outdoors, his behavior changed instantly indoors and within minutes, he lets me grab him, pet him and stops shaking.

We have no idea where this little guy came from, how he got here and why us???

Being a wildlife rescuer, I'm well equipped and have an in-house nursery with crates and cages. I place Jazz in quarantine for the night and will decide what to do with him tomorrow. Besides, I must protect my dog from diseased animals. We can't just keep any creature showing up. Already we have a rescued bluetick-coon(loving) hound and are in the middle of rehabbing four baby raccoons. I love cats but hubby isn't a cat person.

So, it's day one and Jazz gets his first bath and flea treatment. No fight, no attempt to escape, he has a great appetite and naturally uses the litter box placed in his quarantine crate.

While checking local shelters online, Jazz seems to be talking to me from his crate. OK, one more night maybe.

Then hubby said: this little guy just appeared out of nowhere, chose us and maybe is meant to be with us after all...let's just check how he and Sherman (our dog) will handle a meeting. We couldn't believe it: it was instant chemistry!

So...hubby loves him, doggy loves him and Jazz loves everybody! Well...you don't have to tell me twice! So off to the vet who confirmed that Jazz is a flame-point Siamese. He was 10 weeks old, weighing less than 2 lbs, by 13 weeks, he's now just over 3 lbs.

All vaccinations up to date, free from parasites, he is one of the happiest, healthiest kittens I have ever seen. And indeed, his behavior is typical of what I learned about Siamese too: vocal, attention seeker, stalking me from room to room almost dog-like and the absolute clown. Plus...he and the dog adore each other.

And this is how Jazz became our new permanent family member! Total rescue to date: One husband, one Coonhound, four raccoons and a flame-point Siamese cat!

Reply from Caroline:

This lovely rescue story actually brought tears to my eyes. Lucky Jazz, to find his 'right people' - he's perfectly placed to be cared for and loved.

He's s-o-o-o cute and beautiful, and what a great name! And (even though Siamese cats are known to get on well with dogs) how amazing that he got along so well from Day One with your Coonhound.

I hope he has a long and happy life with you. Thanks so much for sharing Jazz's story here!

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Oct 21, 2023
Stevie’s Story
by: Anonymous

In March of 2023 an adorable older female kitty (8 or 9 months old) showed up on our block, desperately seeking attention. She was in good shape, was clean and free of fleas. She couldn’t have been on her own for very long.

We took her in with the intent to foster her out. We soon realized "Stevie" was a flame point Siamese. We searched for missing cat notices, but found none. We had her spayed and chipped.

For several months she was bitey and was bouncing off the walls with energy. Demanding constant attention. We weren’t sure if we were going to keep her. Our tabby cat soon grew tired of her constant playful "attacks."

Then seemingly overnight she settled down. Now she's super friendly, loving and playful. She has dialed down her rough-house play with the tabby, but there is still some progress to be made in that regard.

Very glad that Stevie is part of the family.

Aug 30, 2021
by: Anonymous

Jazz is beautiful! Love to see a picture of him grown up! Glad he found you.

Dec 04, 2018
Flame point
by: Anonymous

I always wanted one as I am a rescuer of Siamese. I have 3 seal points, 2 snowshoes, and then I went to PetSmart to get the monthly cat load of stuff we need. I always visit the cats up for adoption. I went in and petted them all.

Then from the bottom, a long white paw comes snaking out and tried to snag my pant leg. Then I did it - that fateful look in to the cage. MISTAKE! There he was - the smallest flamepoint kitten I had ever seen. I asked the attendant "is that baby weaned?" She said yes.

Take him out and it was over and I had my flame point. Thing was he was not a baby baby he was a young adult as my vet told me he had all his permanent teeth. Probably about nine months old. He weighed 3.9 lbs. Not now he is 11.9 lbs. I LOVE HIM!

He is a monster, lover, mouthy, crazy cat/dog. He follows me everywhere. He is learning to get along with the big boys. Unfortunately for my big boys they have been had by a one year old kitten (now). He rules the roost. Pounces on any cat that walks by, will not let anyone feed, I have to lock him in the bathroom to feed him!

But he has the biggest personality I have ever had in a cat. I have only had one other and he was a snowshoe Siamese and smart as a person. The kitten's name is Blade and is a awesome cat!

Aug 18, 2016
Lucky Day Oct. 28th 2014
by: Dagmar Adams

I was running in a park in Western Pennsylvania. I see this lady on the street with a cat rubbing up against her legs, I asked her if the cat was hers and she said no. I started to pet the cat and he was so pleasant! The lady proceeded to tell me that the park ranger had told her that the cat had been in the park a few days and numerous people had reported this cat as a stray. Long story short, I immediately called my husband to come and look at this cat because he was so friendly and it was October 28th and it was gonna be cold that night (see where I'm going with this story!)

Upon my husband's arrival, he took one look at the cat and we looked at each other and we decided at that moment that he was gonna be ours. So, here we are almost 2 years to that day with our sweet Red Point Siamese cat, whom we named Chique. He is a true Red Flame with the bluest eyes ever. He is very smart and loves to play hide n seek! We are so lucky to have him stumble into our lives, we love him!

Jun 06, 2016
Being adopted by a kitten
by: Anonymouse

I have three flame points myself and I am in love with them, but I have read a lot of stories like yours. My husband too is not a cat person, but adores our flames.

Flame points are the most "dog like" of most cats that I have seen. They'll chase a crumpled paper or a mouse toy with you for hours, want to know what you are doing all the time, all with their loving personality. You are a lucky family to be adopted by one!

May 06, 2016
Rescue kitten
by: April

I was doing my normal morning routine yesterday when I heard my dogs barking in the backyard next to the shed. We have some kind of animal that roams the backyard at night so I told them to get back and stay away.

I didn't give it much thought until they kept on doing it and I walked over and saw these tiny ears and heard a sad meow - I saw this little guy sitting there crying and he came right to me.

I'm pretty positive he's a flame point Siamese, gorgeous blue eyes and I think maybe 9 weeks old. He's decided I'm his mommy. My chihuahua isn't happy! He's taken to the house fine but the pups are still wary of him. I've always loved Siamese cats and I guess this guy chose me. I'm leaning toward the name Roxas or Jamie but haven't decided lol.

Dec 02, 2015
Kitty rescues
by: Kim

I became a volunteer "foster" Mom for our local Humane Society Shelter. My first foster was a little lilac point Siamese gal. I grew up with the breed, and my cat, as a child, was a blue point named Chondar. He was my savior, though as a small child, I "tortured" him with the babydoll clothes, the socks I knit him, etc.

When I got the call about my first foster, I was told that she was 'dumped', was about four weeks old, and would I take her? Well of course I would, didn't I sign up for this?

Short story long, after many nights of 'rocking', feeding, raising a "clawing monster", she emerged a beautiful lilac point. We have a Snowshoe but she is nothing like this wee baby. Her personality kills me - she follows me like my shadow and if I am not available, she will curl up on my clothes.

She is the first Siamese that I personally have raised since a wee baby, and she is Siamese, thru and thru! I love her, she's got a good life now, and we intend to keep her. Sorry, guess I'm a bad foster Mommy! My first foster, and I couldn't even think of giving her back. I'm hooked. And in love! Your story made me want to share mine. I couldn't imagine life without her now, and she is only 9-10 weeks old, lol!

Nov 25, 2015
Frankie my flame point Siamese
by: Kim

I adopted a very large all white cat with the most beautiful blue eyes. He doesn't act like any cat I have ever had. Loves to snuggle, lay around my neck and head, sit on my shoulder. He acts a lot like a dog and loves everyone including my 175 pound Great Pyrenees Beau. Someone told me they thought he is a Flame Point Siamese. After reading your stories and doing a little research, I'm sure Frankie is and I'm in LOVE!

Aug 28, 2015
What a cutie!
by: Sandy

Hi! That's a great story, thanks for sharing! I also have a Jazz, which is short for Jasper. He is a long haired white flame point. Of my three boys, he is the one that draws the "oohs" and "aahs" whenever we go to the vet or he is spotted in the window.

His eyes are a beautiful sky blue and sometimes appear slightly crossed. His coat is long, fluffy and off-white. His points are a solid tan color on his nose, ears and his paws but his tail is faintly tabby striped. I mistook his little tan nose for being dirty when we adopted him!

He is, however, strangely quiet. He announces himself when he enters my son Matt's room with a purry-chirp, and the only time he ever meows is when he wants to go in my son's room. He is VERY attached to my son, who is autistic. He is also not a lap cat for anyone but Matt, and does not have much interest in other family members. He tolerates Matt holding him draped over his shoulders. I find him on most mornings, stretched across Matt's bed or on his pillow, curled around his head.

We always call him the weird one in the clowder because he seems to never be phased by the things that make the others arch/hiss or run. He instead, chases imaginary things in corners.

May 02, 2015
Great Story!
by: Lee

I walk around every day just hoping a Siamese kitten will find me like that, but I live way out in the country and it's not likely! I do have two Siamese mixes (more or less by accident) but I've decided the next cat WILL be a Siamese!

Jul 07, 2014
by: Candi Starkey

I went to HEB to purchase some grocery and cat food. In the garden was a sad horrible lil meow - I found this little kitten just like Jazz crying under a pallet.

I went on with my shopping - I would take food back to him. I went back and found him laying on the pallet. I asked the sales staff - nobody was concerned, there was no water or food.

I picked him up, walked out, got in the car. My husband at first wanted to kill me because we already have a full house, but he also has a kind heart, he knows these lil guys cannot call 911.

Our vet does not take in strays, SPC is full, etc. Rescue Lady at Pet Smart who shows kittens was so nice to help me with tips (she was flooded with kittens), so home he went. He was missing hair I found out it comes from malnourishment.

KK was shy but loving. He went straight to our lil Shi Tzu. Dinky is his protector - he also thinks my husband is his protector.

Jun 06, 2014
Chicago IL
by: Zoro2984

I have seen many pictures of flame points and our cats look so similar - my family thought Jazz was my cat. He's soooo cute and lucky to have found you, it's not surprising your husband fell in love also, Siamese are so lovable. Good luck to you and your family!:-)

Nov 08, 2013
Kitten rescue!
by: Anonymous

I too just rescued a flame point Siamese from underneath a neighbor's car! I got him mid-August and mildly attempted to adopt him out.

He is too cute and I think he is mine but the other Siamese in the house hates him. The brother and sister tigers mildly tolerate him! It has been fun having a kitten around as my other cats are 10+ years old! Only wish I knew his age!

Nov 06, 2013
Twin of my kitten
by: Becki B

Our kitten that we rescued three months ago from a shelter looks so similar, he is so smart and the vet tells us he is Siamese, but does not have the flat ears. He was so white days ago and now has all the flame points. Any idea on this?

Note from Caroline: Becki, if your kitten looks like Jazz, he's probably also a Flame Point, and some sort of Siamese mix or cross.

Aug 10, 2013
Special Boy
by: Darlene

You are blessed with a beautiful flame point Siamese who will give you love for many years and keep you laughing and entertained. Your beautiful heart is what Jazz saw.

Did you know that this week was International Cat Day to honor both domestic and big jungle cats? Humans and cats share the identical region of the brain responsible for emotions.

Apr 19, 2013
Missy, part flame point
by: PJM

I adopted/rescued a little white girl kitty Nov 2012 in Mesa, AZ. The lady thought she was an adult cat, but she was very small, 6.5lbs.

I took her to my vet right away as she had diarrhea, swollen gums, terrible bad breath, itchy ears, so I suspected mites. We came home after shots, oral medicine, and the diagnosis of several things.

The medicine made it much worse, and so special food was obtained from the vet, and probiotic powder to mix with the food. She got sicker, and I stopped the antibiotics, and got water into her with an eyedropper.

All the while, she was very sweet, cuddling all the time, and barely a whimper (very unlike Siamese sounds). She has recovered a lot, but still has several maladies, including the eye and nose discharge several times a day, and the bad breath.

I had the teeth cleaned and an upper canine pulled. She has a lopsided smile now, and her color is changing daily. The back of her ears are caramel, and her back and legs are developing some of the same coloring.

After checking online about Flame Point cats, I think she is a mongrel cat with those characteristics. I am a winter visitor in AZ, so will be flying home soon with my little "MISSY" , who has gained almost 1.5lb. I don't think she was an adult when I rescued her, and she may grow larger. But she will always be tiny and precious to me.

I think she found me, and God allowed me to find her ... PJM

Feb 12, 2013
Lilac Siamese
by: Mel

My husband also found a little Lilac Siamese kitten, about 3 weeks old, in Geneva Alabama. He named her Neva, short for Geneva.

As soon as she saw my husband and my son, she came running up crying. They asked the establishment where my husband's band was playing if they knew where the kitten belonged, and they told him that it was a stray that had almost been hit by a car several times that day.

That's all it took for my husband. He made her a bed in our car and brought her home when they were done playing. She was also infested with fleas and starving. After several treatments and lots of kitten food and love, she is now very happy and healthy.

I have to also mention that we already own a female Calico Tortie. Her name is Kei (Key). I thought she was sick because she would hide under the bed or in my closet and growl if I attempted to pick her up.

(A friend of mine found her in a parking lot when she was about 2 weeks - her eyes hadn't even opened. He brought her to me and I bottle-fed her and loved her and she made it although we didn't think she would. She is now a year and a half and weighs 9.2 pounds!)

Anyways, I took her to the vet concerned that she was sick only to find out she is "pouting" because of little Neva. :-) Bless her little heart! I put her harness on her the next day and we went for a nice walk. She came right out of her pouting. She and Neva now play together and cuddle with each other.

I love my 2 little fur balls. :-)

Dec 23, 2012
Siamese are special
by: Catherine

I loved your story about Jazz, and anyone who knows Siamese knows how they can win your heart. I could just picture that poor little kitty who was smart enough to pick your car to wait under.

I recently had to say goodbye to my Therapy Dog Louis who came into my life to help me deal with the death of my son. I'm 79 and decided a cat would be easier and soon found my Bella, a Lynx Point Siamese who won my heart immediately.

I've had many Siamese and they are by far the most interesting cats, so smart, so lovable, loyal like a dog and she has brought me so much happiness. Everyday I tell her how happy I am she is mine.

She doesn't meow like Siamese but does a chatter kind of sound like a little growl, but I think she was locked in a cage for much of her first five months - I got her in late October, so I expect that will probably change.

Again, thank you for your wonderful story of Jazz.

Dec 15, 2012
Happy Jazz found a great home!

Jazz was sure lucky to find a home with such a wonderful person. My Siamese (Squeaky) blessed this world on September 1st. He is a teenager now and keeps us on our toes. He cries or squeaks when one of us leaves. He likes to sniff our food and lets us know he wants to have a wee bit of a taste.

He has a little sneeze now, as I do also. His favorite toy is my cough drop wrapper. He also lets me know when his potty box needs to be cleaned. He is playing (hide and go seek) with Jim now. He will be ready for his cat nap soon.

Apr 29, 2012
Great Rescue!
by: Nena Aguilar

Such a great story, I love a happy ending to animal rescues! He is a very pretty baby, I have always wanted a flame point. The markings and color make their eyes even more blue! Thank you for being so caring!

Feb 29, 2012
by: Crystal

He is just beautiful! Wish one would show up on my front door :)

Dec 15, 2011
by: Isa

Jazz is adorable. I like the story of his name ... I had a roommate who adopted a half-Siamese kitten and since he wasn't that familiar with cats, he didn't know the sex. He thought it was a girl, so he named 'her' Freyja at my suggestion, after the Norse goddess (his other cat is Loki). Turns out that upon closer inspection, little Freyja was a boy. So now he's just Frey. :)

Nov 07, 2011
Looking to buy a flame point female
by: Cookie

Do you know some one who raises them inside Alabama?

Jan 12, 2011
Awesome Story
by: candis

I love this story! I am so happy for your family and for Jazz, how blessed you all are to have found one another! I look forward to more stories as Jazz grows! Thank you for sharing.

Sep 24, 2010
by: Miki

He looks almost exactly like my flame point siamese/manx mix Boo.....except Boo has no tail and is slightly whiter....

Aug 11, 2010
by: Karen Borden

I knew we hit it off as soon as we talked on the phone. Congratulations on your new addition. He is one lucky little fellow!

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