King Elwood, The Ruler of the House

Elwood and Peaches playing in the Amazon box!

Elwood and Peaches playing in the Amazon box!

My Siamese cat Elwood is the funniest cat I have ever known. He reminds me of my Mom's chihuahua. We call him things like 'King' Elwood, Prince Percy and Bubba because he acts like he owns the world.

One of his favorite activities (that's sarcasm!) is to watch movies, which he does in the middle of the couch on his back with his paws covering his face. We have another cat, Peaches, who plays with him but he rules over her.

He is very vocal and I have been trained to speak his language. Any time he wants 'cookies' or food he sits in front of the TV, stares at me and meows. When I ask if he wants food he nods his head and looks at his bowl.

He's also the best care giver! Whenever I am feeling down or if I'm sick in some way he doesn't leave my side and tries to get in my face. This cracks me up!

When my boyfriend and I aren't getting along he nudges us closer together, meandering from his lap to mine and scooting his napping spots on the couch to get us to sit closer. My boyfriend thinks he's spoiled because I have made him special places in the house to hang out. I think he's just loved.

Bottom line here...

Elwood rocks! He is the best and most loving cat I have ever owned. We love him!

Reply from Caroline:

King Elwood! What a great name. I loved the picture of him and Peaches playing in the Amazon box. No matter how many toys they have, it's the simple things our Siamese cats like the best ...

Yes, Siamese cats can remind us of chihuahuas! Have you read any of the Skippyjon Jones books? Skippyjon Jones is a kitten who thinks he is a chihuahua ...

And I thought you might like to read about some of our other Siamese 'royalty', too.

More Siamese 'personalities':

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