Mushito, My Flame Point Siamese, and My Other Cats

by Roberta
(Mexico City)



Mushito is a flame point Siamese kitten. From the moment I saw his photo posted on the Internet, I said to myself, "he is mine!"

He was the companion of Whimpy, another Siamese cat, but Whimpy fell and broke his spinal cord so I had to let him go to a better life as not even an operation could have saved him.

Mushito loves to run and jump, and with Whimpy they were really good pals. They would sleep together, clean each other, and what one did the other would follow.

Mushito loves to play and destroys everything, especially bathroom paper. He is only six months old. Most flame points are males; his body type is slender although he eats very well from canned food.

Mushito was given to me with that name, I named Whimpy like that just because I liked the name.

Mushito cried so much missing Whimpy, so I adopted a little female Siamese kitten called Cassy to keep him company.

This is also a memorial to my other cats

First, the funniest cat I've ever had. Her name was Moe and she was my favorite. Moe was so intelligent and she even answered back whenever I called her. This is Moe:

My favorite cat, Moe

She was sweet, had bad moods whenever she didn't get what she wanted, and could also get mad and lash out against me and scratch me.

She loved to walk around the building where I live, when I couldn't find her I would shout "Moe, Moe" and she would run from wherever she was and say "Miau Miau!" and run off again.

There was also Piki, a lovely all-white cat with yellow eyes who died from diabetes.

White cat with yellow eyes, Piki

And before that there was Piki's mom, Momo, who died from sadness. They were both about twelve. Here's Momo.

Momo, also white with yellow eyes

I will always remember them and they will permanently have a place in my heart.

So this is in honor of my angels, Momo, Piki, Moe and Whimpy and my present cats Mushito and Cassy.

Reply from Caroline:

Roberta, thank you so much for sharing your memories and stories of all your cats. Moe was beautiful and might even have had some Siamese in her, with her blue eyes.

It's so hard when the cats we've loved leave us, and it's lovely that you have Mushito, and now little Cassy to keep you and each other company.

I'm sure, being Siamese, that they keep you plenty busy!

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Apr 09, 2021
Another Siamese lover
by: Donna

Hello my friend,

Thank you for sharing your family pictures. I am sure you have loved and been loved.

I took a neighbor's cat left out in the cold who wanted to bear her litter of kittens inside my home. She was Siamese and six of her babies were also. She had flame point Siamese and chocolate Siamese and a tabby. I kept one flame point and one chocolate.

They are precious but my flame point is extraordinarily intelligent and loving. My chocolate is a runt so she is frightened easily and not a lap cat at all. But we love her anyways. Your cats could be mistaken for mine they are so much alike in pictures.

I wish you and your furry friends a long and satisfying life.


Donna Franklin

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