My Adorable Cat Twosome, Beaver & Roody

by Emiona
(Giza, Egypt)

Beaver & Roody

Beaver & Roody

Five months ago, I bought a Chocolate Point Siamese. She was a lovely, adorable cat who I named Amourette - she already has her story and pictures on this site.

Amourette was pregnant, and gave birth to three kittens. One didn't survive through her second week; she was the runt of the litter. The other two are a black male and a mixed-colour female. I believe that the male is an Oriental, and the female is a tortoiseshell - that's what I think anyway.

Unfortunately, Amourette died a month ago due to a sudden illness. We were so much in love with her we got really sad, but her kittens lightened up the situation a little.

I named the the male Beaver and the female Roody. Beaver is so innocent and cute! In his first month he used to climb up my leg, he's bold and rough and he'd bite you hard if you annoyed him.

Roody has a totally different, even unique character, you can't expect what she'll do next. Though Beaver seems the more active one, you can catch him and he's calmer.

Be careful with paper tissues though, 'cause Beaver will get them and run away ...

Roody gets frightened easily and you can't catch her when she runs. If you play with her she'll make you laugh cause she gets hyperactive and then you can't stop her. Roody loves warmth and loves to be under the covers and to be held close to you, Beaver will always sleep on top of the covers.

They both adore the string ball game, they are also in love with balls in general. I'm trying to train them to fetch a ball, but as you may know, it's not that easy. Any ideas?

Reply from Caroline:

Emiona, thank you for your story and I was sorry to hear about Amourette (you can read Amourette's story here).

You must be so very sad to lose a beautiful cat like her, and I'm glad the kittens are helping you to get over her loss.

You asked about training the kittens to fetch a ball but, as you say, it's not easy. You need to try and show them what to do, then reward them with a little treat every time they bring the ball anywhere close to you. Gradually they may learn. You'll need a lot of patience though!

Thank you for coming back to tell us about the kittens and I hope they have long and healthy lives with you.

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