My Kitten Can Use Touch Lamps!

by Emily

My 7-month-old Siamese-cross kitten was staying with my grandparents (he has 2 houses, and has adapted to them very well as though there is no difference at all!), and one morning he jumped up on the bedside table to wake my grandmother up.

He accidentally touched the touch lamp and it came on. This woke my grandmother immediately.

The next morning, she was already awake when my kitten jumped on the bedside table again. She was watching him through small eyes and he touched the lamp himself, and turned around and sat on the edge of the table looking at her until she woke up.

He did this again for another three mornings in a row!

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Feb 24, 2011
Taps! Please don't tell Bandit ...
by: Caroline (Admin)

Oh my goodness. Taps! Whatever next? Bandit contents himself with opening doors (but unfortunately, he doesn't close them behind him). I do hope he doesn't get to the taps!

Feb 23, 2011
Update on Saffy ....
by: Susan

I spoke too soon ... she has turned the tap on several times now !!! What is next I wonder.....???? lol!!

Jan 26, 2011
My cat has lost several collars, too!
by: Caroline (Admin)

Emily, thank you for your photo and stories, they're great. Just thought I'd say that my cat, Bandit, has also 'lost' several collars; he hates wearing them. When I first got him I bought two collars with our telephone number woven into the fabric, but he managed to lose both of them! I never did find them.

I then bought another set which said 'do not feed' on them (he's a terrible scrounger) but he lost those, too.

So now he doesn't wear a collar, but he is micro-chipped, which I think is essential for any outdoor cat.

Jan 19, 2011
My beautiful cat
by: Emily

Thank you, he is beautiful, and has such character to his facial expressions too.

He can open doors, he uses the sofa to rest his legs on for strength, jumps on the handle and then pushes his paw through the gap to open it.

He also loves cuddles, and sleeps cuddled up to my chest in the nights. I can never move, but I don't mind as I love cuddling him. He's very affectionate.

He also hates his collar. The bell warns the birds he's coming! I've seen him take it off, carry it in his mouth and leave it somewhere he think I won't find it. Bless him!

And he is very familiar with the sound of his treats, and the cupboard door noise that keeps his food in. He'll come from anywhere if he hears those sounds!

Jan 17, 2011
Funny, clever cats!
by: Susan

He is very pretty! And very clever just like my little Saffy!

She .. can turn on the kettle ... and if she was only stronger would be opening the doors and turning the tap on too! She tries so hard but they are just too much for her ... thank goodness!

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