Praia Fluvial Siamese Kitten Find!

by SusanJ

Safira and the mouse!

Safira and the mouse!

Well ... as is usual ... we were adopted just over a week ago! We live in northern Portugal and our son and his girlfriend were visiting us.

We decided to go to Praia Fluvial, the local river beach - we had never actually visited it before and had a lovely, if hot afternoon there.

I was sitting by the little café with my son's girlfriend when we saw this tiny scrap of life appear by the side of the café near the door.

The young girl serving happened to come out, and picked the kitten up, showing her to a friend who was standing nearby.

I went over to say how pretty the kitten was and to ask if I could stroke her ... the girl thought she was MINE! She explained that there were quite a few wild or lost cats that came around in the evenings to raid the bins, but she didn't know this one, and didn't know anyone in the houses (at least 500 yards away) that had one.

We left our phone number with the girl and took the kitten home. She had been climbing all over us like a friendly rash and was as good as gold in the car. We had visions of her climbing the walls!

She did hiss horribly at our over-friendly dog Bracken when we got home. They are gradually getting used to each other ... she is already trying to play with the dog's tail!

We have called her Safira (Sapphire in Portuguese), Saffy for short, because of her beautiful blue eyes! I think she is a seal point.

We found that she was already litter trained when we put down a small bowl and some soil (it was all we had) and she went straight in it. The next day we bought a tray and some silicon gel litter, and she has used it ever since.

We took her to the vet a couple of days later - and as she wasn't chipped, he chipped her for us, gave her her jabs and worming and a once-over saying she was very healthy and calm.

She is, most of the time! Really laid back for a kitten of any type (unless she is in 'hunting mode'!)

She is reasonably vocal already, and feeds well on the dry and wet kitten food we have supplied. She is still rather 'sucky', I would say more than usual for a little one. Our vet says he thinks she is around 11 weeks, but looking online at photos and weights of kittens we believe she is more like 8 weeks. She is quite small, only 780g or one and three-quarter pounds.

She has already tried to get into the chimney four times, found she can now reach the window sill and the counters in the kitchen ... and it looks like we are in for a fun life!

We used to have cats years ago, and had forgotten all this ... 'fun'! lol!

Reply from Caroline:

What a lovely story. Saffy already has an air of contentment as if to say 'these are my people now!'

She's a very pretty kitten, it looks as if she has quite long hair. It'll be fun to see how she grows and what she looks like later on. I think you're right, she does look like a seal point.

I'm glad she's getting on well with your dog. I always find it interesting how well Siamese cats get on with 'their' dogs - or dogs who belong to the families the cats 'own'!

Update: May 2013

We revisited this story on our Facebook page in 2013, and heard from Susan with this update:

Siamese cat on red background
Lady in red

Wow! Hi! Saffy is doing just fine. She is very large, very good at catching giant green lizards (20 inches long) and is a complete cuddly toy!

She hangs on my shoulder, but puts both arms around my neck and cuddles in purring loudly and stays there. Always my left shoulder too ... and she seems so heavy.

Siamese cat on shoulder
Safira - still a shoulder cat

She is much darker now ... black chocolate face, paws, tail and ears and even her creamy fur is now fairly dark. She isn't a huge talker, but gets the message across when she wants to!

She has a sweet soft high-pitched miaow rather than the deeper growly one.

Saffy - as we call her 'for short' is really called Safira, which means sapphire in Portuguese (where we live) because of her sapphire blue eyes.

Siamese cat with sapphire eyes
Safira's sapphire eyes

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Nov 09, 2017
I, too, have a rescue story.....
by: Stacy

I, too, have a rescued Siamese seal point cat. Jacks, or as we call him Jacksy, was found 8 years ago in the back forty of a friend's property with five other abandoned kitties. He was one of three Siamese seal point kittens, two calicos and one tabby in the litter. I wish I could have taken all three Siamese!

He was very vocal and loved to climb on everything. He got along with my two year old tabby after I made it clear to Minime (my tabby) that Jacksy was his baby brother and not a chew toy.

He went through a phase that the only time he would sit on my lap was when I was in the bathroom ... and then for about two years he wouldn't let anyone touch him. He would lay on the couch with me, but he wouldn't touch any of us or let anyone touch him. He also stopped talking.

He finally decided about three years ago that we can touch him and scratch his back, but only for about 10-15 seconds then off he runs. He sleeps with us at the bottom of the bed with Minime, and when he wants outside, he will make soft little "mew" squeaks.

He nuzzles and scratches on everything, like he is marking his territory. He lets me scratch his back and under his chin occasionally and even lets me touch him while he eats his treats. He follows me around the house constantly. For the most part, wherever I am in the house, Jacksy is close by.

He is the LOVE of my life and I don't know what I would do without him!

Nov 08, 2014
Great stories
by: Ross from Ohio

I found your site when browsing to learn about my Siamese kitten. I want to say I've really enjoyed reading your stories of your cats, all the pictures, and learning more about Siamese. Thanks for a great site!

Oct 27, 2013
Tonkinese Kittens
by: Dawn

I was searching for a Tonkinese breeder called Sophie Edwards when I came across this page. I noticed she has left a comment here and was wondering if you had an email address for her, if so please could you get in touch deerawlins at

What a great story by the way, Saffy turned out to be absolutely stunning, those eyes are beautiful!

Jun 16, 2013
Why they like the left shoulder
by: Judith

All our Siams have cuddled on our left sides and we think it's because our hearts are on the left.

Bug and Miss Lilly both like to put their heads on our left shoulder and snuggle just like babies being burped, and they sat on our left shoulder when they were kittens.

May 04, 2013
by: Annette Bridges

That is an awesome story. She's one lucky baby girl. Sounds like she was found by a very nice person and is going to have a wonderful life!

I love Siamese. I've had them for years. And they have lived till they were at least 17-20 years.
My two passed away last year ( Siamese and a Burmese) at the ages of 17 and 18 ... I was so saddened by them leaving.

Now I have a boy seal point and he is so wonderful and smart but when I leave for work everyday he sits in the window and watches me leave ... breaks my heart.

I've bought his sister (blue point) and she's coming home next week, can't wait! I love them so much. Congratulations to you and your new member of your family! <3

Dec 01, 2012
Siamese are great!
by: Jacquie in Algarve

I have a gorgeous Seal point Siamese cat. She is very loving. I have had cats before but never a Siamese. I would love to have another one. If anyone knows of a breeder or one that needs a home please contact me. You are so lucky, she looks very cute!


Note from Caroline: Edited to remove live email address

Jun 01, 2012
Tonkinese kittens
by: Siamese,Tonkinese

You're SO lucky! I used to breed Tonkinese in the UK (Siamese/Burmese cross). I live in the Algarve and brought my "family" by chauffeured limo, all four, father blue Siamese, mother, lilac Burmese; their twin male & female kittens, now 18. All settled very well. I have been scouring newspapers for other Siamese & Burmese here. Please phone 289 990 932 if you know of any. Thanks, Sophie Edwards

May 08, 2012
so sweet :)
by: josie lu

What a beautiful girl! And the fact that you took her in is wonderful! What lovely people you are :)

You are right, she is a seal point. I've noticed you haven't updated for quite a while, hope she is ok and you are all happy? Xx

Aug 31, 2011
gato bonito
by: Lucy J

Safira is adorable, what a beauty. I was just in Portugal (Azores) and it is a bit disturbing that there are so many feral cats, I wanted to take them all home. I just lost my beloved Daisy (seal point) and your story was so wonderful to read. Enjoy Safira and may you enjoy her for years to come.

Jun 18, 2011
by: Jenny

How lucky you are to find such a beautiful kitten.
I love Siamese ... have been owned by them for many years.

Have fun! Cheers ... Jenny in Oz.

Sep 17, 2010
Perhaps a grate?
by: Caroline (Admin)

It sounds as if you'll have to install some kind of a grate or netting!

Sep 16, 2010
Soot !!!
by: SusanJ

Serve me right for laughing at your ?Alexander the other day .. all covered in soot!

Saffy has been up the chimney about 10 times in 40 mins this evening so far... I keep washing off the soot but she couldn't care less!

Photos NEXT time she does it! I am sure she will .....!

Sep 16, 2010
Love her!
by: Tink

She is absolutely gorgeous and sounds like she is so full of spunk and attitude. How wonderful you found each other, I'm glad she has a home now.

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