Partially Siamese?

by Deena
(Glendale, AZ)

I got my babies from a lady nearby who collects stray animals and gives them to good homes.

I and many others have questioned whether my black kitty is partially Siamese. I am pretty sure he is not full due to the fact that Siamese cats can not be black according to my knowledge.

He is very active, playful and social. He never leaves my side. He's got short, somewhat coarse fur. His ears stick more up than forward or to the side. He's got long limbs and is tall.

My second kitty, she's rather passive. She's got soft fur. She's on the smaller side. I'm guessing she's just a standard American / Domestic Shorthair of some sort, but I'm no cat expert.

It'd be great if y'all could help me solve this!

Reply from Caroline:

Hi Deena! Thanks for the pictures of your kitties and for your question, which is a very good one.

"What makes a Siamese cat a Siamese cat?

If you check out our page which lists the Siamese cat characteristics, you'll see that above all, to look like a Siamese, a cat needs to have the distinctive 'pointed' color pattern (face, ears, paws and tail in a darker color than the rest of their bodies, which should be white or cream) and blue eyes.

Your black kitty, with his yellow-green eyes and black body, is not Siamese; he's what's known by some of the cat registries (including the Cat Fanciers' Association in the States) as an Oriental Shorthair, or sometimes, just Oriental.

Orientals have the same body shape as Siamese cats, and they are related - but their faces, coats, paws and tail are all one color, and their eyes are green.

They're just as talkative as their Siamese cousins though, but they're thought to have quieter voices.

I think you're right about your girl kitty – she looks like a Domestic or American Shorthair, with tabby coloring, to me. It looks as if she has a marmalade or chestnut tone to her fur - she's very pretty!

I hope this helps.

What makes a Siamese cat a Siamese cat?

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Jun 08, 2014
My cat's green eyes have some blue
by: Anonymous

My beautiful "tuxedo" cat has green eyes but I can also see some blue in them. Could this mean that she has a Siamese ancestor?

Thank you

Oct 26, 2011
We had two black too!
by: Anonymous

What pretty kitties!

We had two black cats - from a white mother. She had a small black spot on her back. She had 6 kittens - two ginger, two black and two black/white/ginger!

We asked for the last - but when we got there the owner had given them away already so we took the two black - with green eyes. One of the grandparents was a Siamese - and Binkle and Flip 'talked' like a Siamese, followed us about everywhere and were very people orientated etc.

The only more talkative cat is our present Sealpoint, Saffy!

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