Sophie and SGT Pepper

by Kaylyn
(Oceanside, Ca)



I recently adopted these two feral kitties from a friend who was diagnosed with cancer. They are brother and sister, and are about eight months old. I am trying to figure out what possible breed they may be and I believe they are some sort of Siamese variant?

They are amazing! I love them to death. Sophie, the female, is still very shy and quiet. She is also very jealous and playful. SGT Pepper, the male, is bigger than Sophie and a huge lover. He loves cuddles, which I love as well.

They are both playful and LOVE to have random Olympic Games at night. I wake up to them boxing. Yes, boxing! They will sit up on their hind legs and box each other with their front paws.

They also like to race each other from the window in my room all the way to the bathroom door. In the bathroom we have linoleum so they slip and slide as they try and slow down to turn around, and they always end up crashing into the door.

They are characters and I can not wait for them to open up even more to us.

We have three small boys, ages 5, 2 and 1. They aren't so sure about the younger boys, but SGT Pepper has taking a liking to my oldest.

Then again, SGT Pepper likes anyone who feeds him!

Reply from Caroline:

Aren't they lovely, Kaylyn? Congratulations on adopting two such beautiful (and active!) kitties.

You asked what sort of cats they might be and there are various things to consider from what I can see in the pictures. First, do they both have blue eyes? If yes, there are some Siamese genes in there somewhere.

Then, as regards their coloring, both of them look like Lynx Points - either Lilac or Blue. Lynx Points (the lynx part refers to their striping) can be found in the four main Siamese colors of Seal, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac.

I can see that Sophie has white feet, but can't see from the pictures whether SGT Pepper does or not. There are various Siamese-like cats with white feet, including the Snowshoe (short-haired cat), the Ragdoll and the Birman (long-haired cats).

So you might like to take a look at some of those links to see if any of them look like your two.

Because you don't know much about their background, it's probable that the best you'll be able to do is call them Siamese mixes - but from their behavior, they certainly sound like Siamese cats!

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