The Thought-To-Be Pharoah Cat, Princess Jasmine

by Hannah Lund

Lux - the flash doesn't show her blue eyes

Lux - the flash doesn't show her blue eyes

I got my first calico kitten when I was three years old. I called her Baby Kitty simply because we were both innocent babies. A year later, she somehow got out and got pregnant way too young, her body was too small and one of the kittens was born with a paralyzed back leg and a curled tail.

He was an orange tabby, and out of all the litter, I wanted to keep him. I named him Mitch and had him till I was 16 when he died from a Pitbull attack. I thought I would never be able to get another cat.

A year later I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend and we decided we needed a little life in our home. We went to The Hermitage Cat Shelter in our hometown, Tucson, hoping to find something special.

I asked the adoption specialist to show me all of the kittens, she took me back to the room for the kittens and started showing me all the loving babies they had there. But Princess Jasmine caught my eye. She is a Chocolate Point domestic long hair mix, with a beautiful little face and sparkling blue eyes.

I just went up to her and picked her up, she cuddled right up on my neck and started purring. The women that worked there looked at me, shocked, and said "Wow, you're the first person she's ever let pick her up!" I fell in love with her instantly and decided to adopt her.

We brought her home, dropped the 'Princess Jasmine' and named her Lux, because her pure innocent beauty is luxurious. Although she is not a full-blooded Siamese, she's still one at heart! The women that worked at the shelter mentioned to me "You know? Siamese always choose their owners."

I certainly agree, she's extremely loving, playful, smart, and funny. Lux is exactly what we needed in our life!

Reply from Caroline:

It's true, I think, Siamese cats do choose their owners! Thanks, Hannah, for sharing Lux's story with us. She has Snowshoe markings, although she's a long-haired cat, and true Snowshoes are short-haired. She's lovely.

Lux, of course, also means 'light' and it certainly sounds as if she's brought a lot of light into your lives and I hope she'll be with you at least as long as Mitch was! He sounded like an interesting character too.

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