What Kind of Cat Is My Fia?

by Sarah
(New York)

I adopted my one-year-old cat Fia a couple months ago and I'm trying to figure out what breed she is. She came from a home with 23 kittens which were all very young, Fia being only two weeks old.

Some of her brothers are white with dark almost blue coloring on their back, paws and tails with bright blue eyes. She is bright white with orange on her face, feet and some on her back, but her tail is completely covered with orange and dark brown mix ... it's weird.

She has long fur but it's fairly thin - it looks like the facial bone structure is Siamese but with more fur - it's pointed and the mouth and nose part sticks out then the thick fur starts.

I believe she is definitely part Siamese because she is extremely vocal, mischievous and attention seeking.

Her "talking" varies in pitches and sounds really weird. She is always getting into something, she likes to take my underwear and socks and carry them around the apartment and she also loves water and will play in the bath tub.

She will also wake me up in the morning by licking my face, she will intentionally knock things over like an ash-tray on the couch and she follows me everywhere.

She plays fetch she also loves to run and has non-stop energy and will randomly start sprinting around the apartment full speed.

She is extremely attached to me and sometimes just wants to be held. She is also completely fine going places with me and will even wear a sweater with no problem.

I do think she is Siamese but I cannot figure it out so if anyone knows?

Reply from Caroline:

Hi Sarah! It's difficult to tell without a photo of Fia but sounds as if she could be a long-haired version of a flame point Siamese cat (also known as a red point Siamese), or perhaps a tortie point.

Do feel free to pop back and send me a picture of her and we can help you identify her better.

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