What Kind of Siamese Do I Have?

by April
(Tulsa, OK)



I adopted my Siamese cat Mesha from the local Humane Society about a year ago and just love her. She plays fetch with me, curls up next to me every night, and is quite vocal.

However, I'm not 100% sure which type of Siamese she is. I'm thinking traditional. Anyone have an idea?

Reply from Caroline:

Thank you April, for your question and picture of Mesha. It's a little difficult to tell exactly what type of Siamese cat she is from the photo, as she's lying on her back so we can't see her body shape, but I think you're probably right, from her face shape Mesha does look more like an applehead rather than the modern, show-style type.

She might also perhaps be considered an old-fashioned Siamese, falling somewhere between the applehead and modern Siamese.

With her dark face, ears and paws I would say she's definitely a Seal Point in coloring.

Well done for adopting her! I always try and encourage people to consider cat adoption if they can, as there are plenty of great cats out there just waiting for their special owner and a 'forever' home.

Mesha looks like a very contented cat - she's very lucky to have found you.

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Comments for What Kind of Siamese Do I Have?

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May 05, 2014
Type of Siamese
by: chip

Trying to find out what type of Siamese cat I have. His head and ears are very dark grey and the eyes are predominantly black (they basically blend into the dark grey.) He has a very long tail, same color as his head. His body is all light tan Very sweet and playful, just curious of his background.

It sounds as if your cat may be a Blue Point Siamese, Chip.

Take a look and see if the description on that page fits your cat. If not, send me a message - I'll be happy to take a look at him for you.

Otherwise, you can always post a picture on our Facebook page and we'll take a look from there - Caroline

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