by Mollie Marie
(Seabrook, TX, USA)

Cupcake is part Siamese. Flame point to be exact, but I had no idea until having her at home for about a week, and the lady I got her from text me and said, "I think Cupcake is a Siamese!"

I Googled flame point Siamese and a picture of Cupcake popped up, but it wasn't Cupcake and it wasn't my house! So began my life with a Siamese cat ...

Cupcake loves to talk, she hates me to be in the kitchen, and if there is a plastic bag in sight she is in it! She is the most loving and affectionate cat I have ever lived with - she doesn't live with me, I live with her!

She sleeps with a pillow and loves to ride in the car (oddly enough.) Cupcake loves to sit in front of the window and watch the world outside as I do not let her out there for fear she will get run over or lost. She is also white and I don't want her coming home brown!

Cupcake is sooo animated, and when she's being naughty, I call her my little sour cake.

On February 7th, at 8 weeks old (her birthday is December 11 2012), I brought Cupcake home. She whined a lot and would not use her litter box.

After going potty on our bed (#1) twice, I moved the box thinking maybe she was scared of the bathroom where it was placed. A couple of days passed and and she still hadn't gone potty in the box and was whining more constant now.

I was starting to get scared, thinking something was wrong with her.

I knew she had to have a bellyache since she hadn't gone #2 since she had been home. I tried to play mommy cat by gently wiping a warm rag (to represent momma's tongue) on her tushy to help her potty. Soon after that, she was whining uncontrollably and walking in circles around our bed acting like she wanted to hide.

So I blocked her with a pillow thinking it may help her to feel comfortable and as soon as I hid her, there she went ...

I had never seen so much poop come from a cat! And yes, on my bed ... :-(

My fiancé was done. He wanted to take her back, stating "we can't have a cat that poops and pees on our bed and all over our house".

I was so sad. I asked him to give her another chance and after that first accident she used her box from then on out. And that's when I learned how talkative she would become, as she talked to herself while she used the potty.

So Cupcake was able to stay in our home and she has been amazing ever since - and yes, she still talks as she uses the potty!

Cupcake's cat mom just had another litter and when they are ready, I will be bringing home a sibling for her. Being mostly black with white feet and belly, she doesn't look like a Siamese, but I sure hope she is just as animated and affectionate as our sweet Cupcake!

Reply from Caroline:

What a great story, Mollie Marie! Your poor boyfriend ... and poor Cupcake, I'm glad she was able to stay with you.

You did all the right things to help her though - wiping her bottom with a warm, damp rag and providing her with some privacy (my own cat likes privacy too when he's using his litter tray) - it's just a pity she was on your bed at the time! Yes, cleaning up after our cats is just one of the skills we have to develop as cat-owners.

Cupcake's a very pretty kitty. I'm glad that after her first few days she settled in well and I hope she's getting on well with her new little sibling.

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