Is My Boy a Flame Point?

by Robin
(Oakley, CA)

I wasn't even aware that there were such things as Flame point Siamese cats. I rescued my baby from my extremely irresponsible neighbors, who had two litters and didn't so much as feed them.

I would feed mom (who by the way was a small grey, brown and white tortie) and her babies from both litters as soon as they were weaned, and set up a box on my porch with blankets in it for them to sleep in when it got colder.

My baby (from her second litter) came to me one morning after my husband woke me up telling me he could hear a kitten crying in distress in their side yard. It had been mewing for a while and he didn't know what was wrong.

I broke into their gate to find a tiny white kitten all alone, covered in used motor oil. It had fallen in a tub of it that they failed to dispose of.

We took the kitten home to bathe it. All we had was Palmolive at the time and it wasn't working, so we went to get some Dawn and bathed him again. I stayed up all night worrying, with him on my chest, but he bounced back and was a normal kitten after a day or two.

Even though I didn't need another cat, I couldn't bring myself to give him back to those monsters, so we kept him. (The neighbors ended up moving about a month later.)

Then I started to notice that my little white kitty (we named him Boo because he was all white like a ghost) was turning orange in certain areas. I couldn't figure out why. He is also very cross-eyed. I'd never seen another cat like him.

Then a friend I haven't seen in years came to visit last weekend. She tells me "you know your cat is Siamese?" but I didn't believe her. She said, "look it up" and sure enough, there he was!

I don't know where the Siamese came from, or if he even is a Flame point (maybe he just looks like one) but he's unique and special not only because of his beautiful eyes and markings, but because of his personality.

He likes to play hide 'n seek, comes running any time he hears the toilet seat, he's a brat, a goofball, a cuddler (on his terms now) and a one-person cat - mine!

I love him dearly. He's my Boo. :)

Reply from Caroline:

Robin, I loved your story, thank you! Boo is one very lucky kitten to have wound up living with you.

He certainly looks like a Flame point Siamese (and a very handsome one at that!) I'd guess he got his red coloring from his tortie mom. It's difficult to know where his Siamese genes came from but with his blue eyes he's certainly got some somewhere. This color pattern seems to turn up fairly often in strays and abandoned kittens - we've had a few similar stories over the years - but I don't really know why.

From his photo, it also looks as if he has white feet, which would make him something of a Snowshoe, too. (There's more about both Flame points and Snowshoes in the pages listed below.)

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Comments for Is My Boy a Flame Point?

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Sep 27, 2021
I think my cats are also...
by: Janis

I adopted twins from the shelter. They were all white but have grown up and at around six months old they started getting flame point coloring. They are still twins except one has snowshoe paws and a whiter belly & the other doesn't ... they look exactly like yours does in the pic. How can I find out if they are truly flame point Siamese? Well one would be flame point snowshoe Siamese I guess...

Nov 15, 2015
Update: My Beautiful Boo Today
by: Robin

Boo is doing great! The only problem we have ever had was him being anti-social and afraid of everything and everyone (except me). So a few months ago we decided that a playmate might help and adopted a Bengal kitten.

She's great (I wish I was able to upload a picture, but can't) and has helped him to not be so scared and shy. He has taken to her well, they play like crazy, groom each other and cuddle all the time. He never took to our adult cats, so she's been really great for him, they're buddies!

Oct 04, 2015
Found a flame point
by: Yanceybells

I was given a white kitten over a year ago. He started turning orange on the tips of tail and face. His personality was so intimate and unique! We became very close. Then this year March he was hit by a car. I was devastated and have been searching for another. This September I finally found one, and his personality mirrors my last ones'. Flame points are incredibly wonderful cats!

Jan 09, 2014
Most likely a flame point.
by: Anonymous

Ah, what a beautiful cat he is. He looks nearly identical to my kitten who recently got hit by a car. :( But yes, I would say he is a flame point.

Nov 11, 2013
Very familiar
by: Abby

I'd say Boo is definitely a flame-point mix of some kind, Robin. He reminds me of my late Rascalbear, who started out very white with beautiful, big blue crossed eyes and an apricot nose. His orange points and cream coloring deepened as he got older, so Boo's might too. Their personality is the best though! You're lucky to have found each other. :)

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