Flaming Flash

by Charlie
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

I love his color

I love his color

I love his color Just chillin' Sometimes, he sits still (like here) ... lol His eyes make me smile :)

Hi! I'm here to present my Flame Point Siamese, Flash - hope you enjoy! :) It's been a month since I got Flash and I am very happy to have found him.

He was the smallest one out of three brothers, but he has a unique quality, only showing his wild side to me and my boyfriend and also a few close friends. He is normally very calm for a Siamese but when excited or playing nothing can stop him from getting what he wants!

My boyfriend has a Blue Point Siamese named Robin - she is Flash's younger half-sister (they basically have the same father). Flash is a month older than Robin.

He is currently sleeping next to me and that is one of the best traits of my Flash. :)

Reply from Caroline:

Welcome, Charlie, and thank you for sharing your photos of Flash – they're great pictures and he's a beautiful boy. Flash is a very appropriate name for a Flame Point Siamese cat!

I expect his coloring will get a little stronger as he grows older and it will be interesting to watch how he changes over the years.

You said that nothing can stop Flash getting what he wants when he's playing and this seems to be an especially Siamese characteristic – they're cats who are very good at getting their own way!

You also mentioned that Flash was sleeping next to you, and I think Siamese are particularly fond of sleeping near or cuddled up to their owners whenever they can.

My own cat has one of his beds (he has several favorite sleeping places!) in my office and is fast asleep and snoring there just now.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have many happy years with Flash.

November 6th - Update from Charlie:

Hi everyone! I'm writing for the second time - my best buddy Flash is still a kitten but he's growing fast and entering his fifth month, he's a very active and playful li'l Siamese and I wouldn't change him for the world!

I miss those days when he was really tiny but he is still the same li'l kitty even if he grows; his looks are amazing and not only that but personality-wise too.

Flame Point Siamese cat, Flash

His gaze is hypnotic ...

Flame Point Siamese cat, Flash

I recently adopted his girlfriend, a Lynx Point Siamese named Violet - I'm pretty sure they will have a beautiful litter.

Both Flash and Violet are pure modern-type Siamese, as is Robin, Flash's younger half sister. Flash's and Robin's eyes are dark blue, almost violet, and our Lynx Point has light blue eyes. I wonder why?

Hope you guys like my post enjoy and thank you :)

Flame Point Siamese cat, Flash


Flame Point Siamese cat, Flash

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Nov 02, 2011
by: charlie

His coloring is starting to show but I'm pretty sure he's a lighter type flame point - I can't wait to see his real color and since I'm a freshman in college and currently working he takes out a lot of pressure by being by my side. Actually he does the same thing to me hugging me with his paws and licking me on my neck - it hurts sometimes but I find it very adorable:).

He loves my company 24/7, he will follow me everywhere he's my lil stalker haha! I'll add more pictures when I can, thank you for your comments:)

Oct 09, 2011
Flash the Beautiful
by: Anonymous

How beautiful your Flash is! I love to hear about other's Siamese furry friends. You will have a lifelong friend there - who loves the cuddles!

My own little Saffy has always cuddled a lot - and these days at just over the year she is ever more cuddly, first thing and last thing at night. She comes up to me or bounds onto me in my chair, tail stuck all over the computer keys ... her head butting under my chin and kissing my neck, both 'arms' wrapped around either side of my neck and hanging on for grim death - purring like a train all the while!!

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