by Dee
(North Carolina)

Eight years ago a stray cat was on my back deck, and I did not think anything about it. I thought it probably belonged to a neighbor, but when on the second day the cat was still there under a table I went to check on her.

When I went outside I could not believe my eyes. This poor cat was skin and bones, and covered with old grease. Looking closer I realized someone had thrown hot oil on her and she had burns on her body. I gave her some milk and sat on the steps.

When I sat down, even as hungry as she was, she came and climbed on my lap. I realized then she was a lilac point, blue eyed Siamese.

I went to Wal-Mart and purchased a carrier and took her to the vet. Since that time, until she became ill a few weeks ago, she lived in our home not like a member of our family, she WAS a member of our family. She developed a bond with me that was incredible.

When I was at home she was with me everywhere I went. She even sat on a stool in the kitchen when I was cooking.

Like I said she became ill, and after a week in the hospital and surgery, I had to let her go.

I cannot begin to say how much she meant to me and my family. Rescue cats are really special, and I do believe they know when they have been rescued from undesirable circumstances or abuse.

I am now looking for another one. I know she cannot be Jenny, but I do know there will be a great loving home for the one I find.


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Oct 07, 2011
by: Samantha

I'm sorry about your loss. I was wondering if you found another Siamese? If not, you might want to look up Siamese Cat Rescue Center, based out of Virginia. I just adopted a Snowshoe Siamese from there, there are a lot of Siamese and Snowshoe Siamese, it was a wonderful experience. Let me know...

Jun 22, 2011
by: Vicki

Dee, I'm so sorry about your beloved Jenny, I know what you mean about the bond you had with Jenny as I have found I got with Jojo.

I wake up to get ready for work and he is at my feet rubbing on my legs. I come home and he meows at me like he is saying hello mom. I agree that they know when they are rescued from the bad, Jojo was never treated bad but his other owner was never home and I believe Jojo knows that I will be home and loves it when I get home.

I just feel like he feels better knowing that he is not going to be alone all night.

Apr 02, 2011
Jenny XXX
by: Susan

Dee, I am so sorry that you have lost poor Jenny. But I have to say that you gave her many years of health and love - which she returned to you. I believe you both were there for each other. I am glad you will be looking for another Siamese soon.

And no, she won't BE Jenny, but you will look at her and say from time to time just how when this new one does XXX how much she she reminds you of Jenny.

I know, because years ago in 1977 I got married, and as soon as we came off honeymoon, my husband and I went and adopted two little black sister cats - they had Siamese in them somewhere, I think maybe their grandfather. They would follow us about like dogs, and one claimed me and the other my husband. They talked to us a lot too. We had them for 17 and half wonderful years.

Once we lost them the place was empty and we felt that our 'marriage wasn't complete' any more! lol!!

Last year, we were at a river beach here in Portugal (we retired here 19 months ago today!) and this tiny scrap of a Seal Point Siamese appeared, about 10 weeks old or so, and she chose US then and there.

Her name is Safira (as her eyes were bright blue) which means Sapphire in Portuguese. She is called Saffy most of the time. She is a wonderful, cheeky and beautiful girl. And even she reminds us of things that our other two black cats did! And she talks. OH how she talks!!!

God bless to your little Jenny and to you, and I hope you find your new little Siamese soon! XXXX

Apr 01, 2011
Lila, the lilac point Meezer
by: Sue, NC Mtns.

Hi Jenny, I share your intense love of rescued cats, especially Siamese. I had a similar experience with a lilac point Siamese which I named Lila. She was just wonderful but was never spayed by her original owner who had to give her up.

She developed breast cancer and it was malignant in a major way. She lived with me 6 months before she died and she was the best companion I have ever had. She liked to ride on my shoulders or drape around my neck while I sat. When she died, I thought that I would die. For sure, a piece of my heart went with Lila.

Her legacy gave me a tremendous love of the breed and especially rescues. I honored her memory by adopting another "throw away" seal point Meezer. The love that they give is humbling to say the least.

Consider adopting from your local shelter, animal control or even Siamese Cat Rescue. There are plenty waiting for homes and you won't regret it.

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