by Megan G
(Fort Mill, SC, USA)



My Seal Point Applehead Siamese boy Lou discovered Q-Tips as a kitten and they quickly became his favorite toy.

He learned how to fish them out of the bathroom trash cans with his paw, and even taught himself how to open the bathroom cabinet doors to find a seemingly never-ending supply of swabs.

He would toss them in the air, bat them around on the ground and roll with them, but the most fun he had with "Lou-tips" was when we played fetch.

He'd walk up to me, yowling, and drop a Lou-tip right in front of me. Every time I reached out to grab it, he'd bat my hand away.

When I did get a hold of it I'd throw it across the room and he'd chase it as fast as he could, pick it up in his mouth, bring it back and drop it right in front of me.

My favorite game with the Lou-tips was to dangle one in front of his nose and watch him immediately go cross-eyed (well, more cross-eyed than usual!)

Lou's obsession with Lou-tips led to these cotton swabs being found all around the house. Under every piece of furniture, under the covers, and in the water bowl.

Sadly, I lost my best friend Lou very suddenly and unexpectedly this past weekend when I discovered he'd passed away overnight of a blood clot.

It was instant and painless, and I'll always be thankful that my buddy never knew pain and suffering, but I know that for the next few weeks, and months, I'll be finding "Lou-tips" that he's hidden for me.

Reply from Caroline:

Megan, I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you so much for popping in and sharing Lou's story with us, he was a beautiful Seal Point from his photo, and you must miss him terribly.

I've heard of Siamese cats having some unusual toys - everything from stuffed animals to rubber frogs to remote control mice to woollen jerseys - but never heard of one with an obsession with Q-Tips before!

I'm sure that finding those Lou-tips over the next few weeks will be very bittersweet, but I hope they'll bring back many happy memories for you too.

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Comments for "Lou-Tips"

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Dec 05, 2016
Beautiful Lou
by: April

Such a funny story about the Q-tips, but so sad that sweet Lou passed on. Lou has given me the idea of Q-tips for a Siamese boy we will be getting soon. By the way, my beautiful boy Tonkinese (sadly passed on) thought he WAS a Q-tip ... one of his obsessions was trying to clean humans' ears for them! (In addition to his sister's.)

Dec 07, 2014
by: Jackie

My heart breaks for your loss of your beloved Lou. I lost my sweet Toby to kidney failure. We were able to get 3 happy and loving bonus years with him through daily meds and prescription food.

I also have a Maine Coon cat that went nutso for Q-tips! He found the Q-tip jar on the counter and would take them out and lick them so that the cottony part would be pulled and pointing out in a wispy manner.

He loved licking the ends of these and I would find them all over the place upstairs and downstairs. I then put the jar in the cabinet below the counter. He saw where I put them and figured out how to open the cabinet door so that he could steal some more Q-Tips and run away with them.

When I had guests over I would need to explain why there were Q-Tips all over the place on the floor. Everyone has a good laugh when they hear the story of my silly Maine Coon cat stealing and running away with the Q-Tips.

May 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

How strange, I have a female seal point and she loves Q-Tips too. Every night at bed time I have to put 15 to 20 Q-tips in an empty Q-Tip box for her and put it on my dressing table.

She picks them out one by one and toys with them for a bit and then drops them off the dresser. She will not let me sleep until she has had her Q-Tip game. I wonder what it is about them she loves so much?

I am so sorry for your loss. Your boy sounds like he was a great little character.

Mar 26, 2013
by: Susan

My kitten liked(s) them too, but I was afraid that she would swallow some of the tip and do damage to herself, so I stopped letting them be available. Keep them in a heavy marble container on the bathroom counter. She never really looked for them after that.

Feb 07, 2013
by: Living With A Lynx

I am so sorry for your loss of your friend; I had to comment on the story as I giggled through the entire first half of the read as my Lynx Point, "Bruce" has a similar affinity for Q-tips.

His obsession is ridiculous as he responds to you holding a Q-tip over using a cat treat! It is really quite funny to witness, he even stares longingly at the Q-tips when they are "in use" (his face almost suggesting 'Hey give me that!'; and just like you described there are numerous little tufts of cotton around the house and little Q-tip sticks hiding everywhere! I have found them in some of the oddest of places and when I do I just giggle out loud at the absurdness of the behavior.

Again my condolences for your loss, but thank you so much for the story and good laugh.

Warmly, DMF

Mar 10, 2012
Playing Fetch
by: Teri

Your Lou reminds me of my 14 year-old meezer, Misu. Ever since she was a baby, she's "killed socks", preferably ones from the humans she loves most!

She even used to go as far as climbing into the baby's drawer to find socks to kill. Misu has always killed her socks, and dragged them around the house, while howling her Siamese 'howl', sounding like she's in-heat.

She seems to think that socks are snakes or lizards, and must be caught and killed! I never had another cat that did this, and have always had Siamese.

Mostly, I think that she's just showing us her love, and giving us a present. My last meezer was over 17, and I hope my girl can last just as long. The last 2 yrs. have had a few illnesses and close-calls.

I just cannot imagine life without her. The only thing that helps is time, but you'll always have your Lou to remember. Thank you for the sweet story!

Feb 08, 2012
My condolences
by: Edith B

Hello, I am so very sorry for Lou's passing. He looks like he was a very special cat. His spirit will always be with you.

Feb 08, 2012
Frankie Loves Lou-tips
by: Alma

I am so sorry for your loss. Lou was a beautiful cat! One guess whose Lynx Point does the same thing? Frankie's favorite toys are plastic bags, Q-Tips, and nylon twine! He also doesn't like cat nip, but has a thing for the spices in my cupboard.

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