Midnight Meow

by Andrea Winter

September 16th, around 3 a.m., in the middle of an Independence Day party, I hear a single, tiny meow coming from my garage. Like the tiniest meow ever. I turn around and ask my friend "am I crazy or was that a cat?" and he just answers "we need to find him".

So we start looking for the meow, but sadly, couldn't find it. I accompany my friend home, having given up, but when I come back, I hear it again. Not this time, I said.

I WILL find this kitten.

After a few minutes we finally found what turned out to be a her, hiding in a corner behind the doghouse, hissing, covered in burrs, thin, completely terrified. We were able to get her out after a few attempts and immediately took her inside, checked to see that she was not injured, wrapped her in a blanket, got her some water and cat food and put her in a cardboard box.

We already have three cats and this beauty would be the fourth, so naturally the next morning we had to choose whether to keep her or take her to a shelter, or to somebody who could take proper care of her. Technically, the other three cats are my cousins' (we live in a b-i-i-i-g house, all together), so she would be MY kitten and I would be fully responsible for her, which I gladly accepted.

It's been exactly two weeks now and I could not be happier with her. I had been worried she might not be very docile, or perhaps even aggressive, but she is so sweet and absolutely adorable!

We took her to the vet who told us she had to get healthy before she could get her shots, so we have been taking the necessary measures for her to get better and you can see the difference. ❤

I found it very odd when she started following me around, and overall she seemed very dependent, which did not bother me at all. After reading up on Siamese kittens I understand why! I love having her follow me around all day, especially when I am in the kitchen cooking and she climbs on to my shoulder and just sits there like a little parrot. She also has a thing for burrowing, which is often hilarious. We all love her so much!

My mom and I disagreed on the names a bit as I wanted to call her Newton, even though she is a she, but we had already developed this funny thing for naming our cats (the others are Napoleon, Mozart and Picasso) and so after some arguing, her final, full, name is Queen Victoria Elizabeth Jane Newton II or Newton, for short.

I assume it will be more noticeable when she grows up, but I believe she is either a chocolate or a blue point.

Reply from Caroline:

What a little cutie! I wonder what on earth she was doing out there all alone? I'm so pleased you were able to find her and save her, and thank you for sharing Newton's story with us, Andrea.

It's a little difficult to tell her coloring at the moment; on my screen her points look brownish, rather than gray, so I think she'll probably turn out to be either a seal or chocolate point. Her coat looks a bit dark, even now, to be a chocolate point, but it will be interesting to see how things change as she gets older.

I love that she's a shoulder cat, that seems to be a very Siamese trait!

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