My Apricot/Red Point Siamese Boy - The Baron

by Emma
(Devon, UK)

Stealing my cushion covers to make a bed

Stealing my cushion covers to make a bed

I'm a newly proud mummy to this gorgeous Siamese boy. He is called Baron by some and 'The Baron' by others, since he decided as soon as he moved in that this is his castle and we are all his minions.

I have to confess I know very little about Siamese breeding, so I don't really know what type he is other than he is obviously a modern boy due to his slender frame, his ridiculous ears and how he seems to almost walk around on tiptoes.

He is so poised and delicate ... until he tries to climb the curtains, anyway!

Baron's life is now one of happy contentment, as he has us (me, my partner and our 2-year-old moggy) to boss around and lord over, more toys than most human children get, and lots of laps to sit on.

But it didn't all start out so well for him.

We adopted him from an RSPCA sanctioned cat home. He was one of an unwanted litter due to some abnormal markings and, in particular, the fact that the boys both had very stripy tails and pale markings on their faces.

The vet who attended with us in choosing a kitten had already informed us that that they had some Siamese in the kitten pen, but advised us not to take any of them as there were suspected neurological problems.

When we arrived we were to see why this was so. Three perfectly white kittens (apart from their noses and tails) were walking around in tight little circles in the pen. It was so sad to see.

We opened up the gate and stepped inside, where I felt a hand pull at my hair from above. I looked up to the top of the cat climbing frame into the bluest pair of kitty eyes I have ever seen.

'Meow', he said conversationally, taking another bat at my hair, and I was won over.

It turns out that the rest of his family were indeed suffering from a neurological disorder and the vet refused to allow the cats' home to rehouse them, a terrible shame.

Baron on the other hand was given the all clear, and came home to live with us just before Christmas.

Reply from Caroline:

Welcome, Emma and Baron! Your story isn't too long at all - the more the merrier as it's always fascinating to hear the little details.

How lovely that Baron now has a comfy new home and how typical of a Siamese kitten to decide that he's now 'Lord of the Manor'! I hope your curtain poles are strong ...

He's beautiful! We don't see too many of the cream / red / apricot Siamese family here and it's always good to see them when we do.

How sad about the other kittens. I'm glad Baron made it out into the big wide world safely!

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Dec 19, 2015
Love my Siamese babies
by: Janice D.

I had three Siamese babies until recently. An applehead seal point and two Snowshoe females, one female being the offspring of the other two.

Mama cat allowed the baby to nurse until she was almost two yrs old. I would find out later that Babycat had asthma, which, with the help of a dedicated vet, she lived for many years.

Babycat crossed the Rainbow Bridge this year. I will never have any breed but Siamese. They are the most loving entertaining clowns ... a total joy.

Feb 15, 2012
Shame on the breeder
by: Lucy

I just shake my head that people (especially supposed Siamese breeders) can treat cats as disposable items. Shame, shame, shame.

So glad that you and Baron found each other, he is a lovely boy. The royal air is common for Siamese; they know just how beautiful and extraordinary they are.

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