A Miracle Siamese

by Emily
(Olympia, Washington)

Male's head by a mini portable mouse (before TLC)

Male's head by a mini portable mouse (before TLC)

I am a private care nurse. Yesterday morning I pull up at my patient's house. Rain is pouring down and it is miserably cold.

I see this box across the parking lot of her apartment complex - angry that people litter, I stomp over there to pick it up and place it in the dumpster.

As I yank the box up, out falls a mass of wet blankets.

I bend over, even more perturbed, and out fall two kittens. One is no longer alive and the other is crawling with black fleas.

I am not only a Buddhist but a lover of animals. I put this tiny present in my jacket and run into my patient's house. She tells me to take the day off, paid, and keep this kitten alive.

I get the kitten home and pull him out of my jacket. Now I am covered in fleas ...

After four hours of TLC he is flea-free and OMG ... white with ice blue eyes. I take him to my own cat (Scarlett's) vet and he tells me that this kitten won't live through the night.

I am determined for this kitten to live. I pull out a sterile syringe and get some of the kitten fake milk stuff the vet had me buy - every three hours I was nursing this tiny life.

HE SURVIVED the night and when I got out of bed he started crying - it sounded like a baby. My vet told me he was a Siamese mix around four weeks old - all morning he followed me around and found Scarlett's wet food and decided to crawl in her bowl and eat ...

I load him up in a small carrier and go to work. It is rainy, and again I pull up excited to show my patient my little treasure, when right by the dumpster I see a white mass the size of a small dinner plate.

I walk over and see that it is two more lifeless kittens. I pick them up and start crying - under these two lifeless babies is a tiny tiny little kitten and it's alive like the first one ...

So now I am nursing two of these precious gifts and the first one I found has attached himself to my boyfriend like nothing I have ever seen.

It is a boy and the one still fighting for life is a girl. I am only allowed to keep two cats, so my best friend is taking the little girl she named "Jewel" when she is healthy.

My boyfriend (who was blown up in Afghanistan) is so in love with this little life that has eyes the same color as his and is a survivor like himself.

What a miracle of life, to bring these two together ...

Reply from Caroline:

Thank you so much, Emily, for sharing your lovely story with us.

It sounds as if the little boy is off to a good start, and I hope Jewel survives and thrives too. It's not an easy job bringing up orphan kittens - how lucky these two were to be found by you ...

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Comments for A Miracle Siamese

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Jul 01, 2017
Accidental birthday gift (twice)
by: Anonymous

On my bay five years ago the people across the street moved out at night leaving two cats inside and two dogs chained to a tree. One cat found a way out and I called my friend the county vet who picked them up.

Later I saw her and our eyes locked, then gone. I heard mewing, both my Siamese were on my bed. More mewing, I looked out window, nothing but snow, the mewing became intense, opened the door and this beautiful Siamese with electric blue eyes flew in. My vet bud came to check her out - no chip, spay scar, said I should keep her with my two Siamese. Truly a gift when one developed a fast-growing tumor in her neck and I had to do the right thing for her, took her to vet and she died in my arms.

The bay gift is still with me - how I love this Siamese gift!

Another story - a perfect snowshoe rescued from a meth house raid brought me to foster, two months later my Siam companion of 16 years developed kidney failure so fast and again I had to do the right thing for her, though it broke my heart.

She too was a rescue abandoned with her litter mates in an alley dumpster. What is wrong with people? However their poor choices have blessed me four times. Now I help with feral capture and release, and foster when needed.

Apr 21, 2013
Thank you very much.
by: Larry.

Precious gifts indeed. Tiny lives but so worth saving. Thank you very much for doing so.

Apr 20, 2013
by: angelina diantonio

I pray they are both well!!! Keep them together!!!

Apr 18, 2013
How are they doing?
by: Caroline (Admin)

I was reading through some of our visitors' stories and came across this one again. I wondered how the kittens are getting on. Did Jewel survive? Have they grown? Are they well?

Emily, if you're out there and see this, do let us know!

Jul 23, 2012
by: Kylie

Hi Emily (you have the same name as my daughter). You have convinced me to not only get a Siamese but adopt one. We recently lost our little domestic long-haired to a dog fight, and after four long days at the vet and one operation, he died in the night (RIP Jacob).

My daughter is devastated as am I, we bought Jacob a little friend two weeks before he died and now little Charlotte is lonely. We thought we would just buy another domestic as they are so cheap or free, but cheap now can equal expensive later. Ive had to take Charlotte to the vet for ear mites, fleas and worms and that was all in her first week of being with us. We intend to de-sex her at six months which will cost more money, her vacs are $80 once a month for two months.

I recently saw some ads on Gumtree to adopt a cat and most of these cats are vaccinated and de-sexed with all health checks in tow, for quite an affordable adoption fee.

I have seen one for a seal tortie point Siamese girl that I am going to go visit on Friday. She is just beautiful in her photo and I can't wait to meet her and spoil her rotten. I came across this website while researching the breed to see if we would be compatible so thanks for your story of courage and bravery.

I will post pictures if she wants to come home with us. Thanks everyone for helping me with this decision. Anyone else out there thinking of buying a backyard or pet store cat or kitten please consider adoption - they are cheaper in the long run. More importantly they deserve a second chance in life.

Thanks again Emily.

May 08, 2012
by: Anonymous

I cried my eyes out at reading this, I can't believe how people can be so cruel to animals! How can people actually be so cold as to dump these poor kittens somewhere knowing they won't survive without their mother and feel no guilt? I struggle to understand this, I really do.

It makes u wonder what state the mother was in, emotionally after having her babies taken from her too soon and physically as these people obviously do not have a heart?

But on the brighter side ... there are people like u, who have a lovely big heart and thank God for people like u. Ur story was wonderful :) I have so much respect for u xxxxxxx

Apr 30, 2012
by: melissa rocha

It is so nice to hear that there are good people like you that took in two little treasures. I would love to see pictures if you have them. I came to have my Siamese lilac point by a friend that found Cocoa in a driveway half starved and sick, I wouldn't know what to do without him now. It is truly sad that someone didn't take care of the other kittens. Thank you for having a big heart.

Apr 29, 2012
What a miracle!
by: Nena

Thank you so much for your kindness to these kittens! OMG such luck that you found them:)

I will never understand how people can abandon animals, especially babies, it hurts my heart. I am glad they are both healthy, good luck to you and your boyfriend and your new family :)

Sep 28, 2011
Two Siamese Miracles!
by: Anonymous

Emily - you are blessed by these two little ones! And they are blessed to have found you - and such love and care. Even your patient was 'the right one' and let you have time to look after that first little one!

You know the story of Buddha and the kitten? It was asleep in his sleeve and rather than wake the kitten he cut off the sleeve to his robe ... looks like you may have to cut off TWO sleeves!

Siamese do attach themselves to particular people - and it looks like 'Ol Blue Eyes' has seen a kindred soul with your boyfriend!

Much love to you and your boyfriend - and to your new fur babies. I will send them lots of Reiki too to help them all heal and grow healthy.

Much love XX

Sep 28, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your story. What a blessing you are to these precious babies!

Sep 28, 2011
A Little Miracle
by: Lesley

What a lovely sad story it will be nice if you keep us posted on how he gets on and Jewel also.

Sep 28, 2011
Tears in my eyes
by: Emily

Thank you for this wonderful page - all the stories and information on here have helped me immensely.

The little boy is thriving full of life starting to explore everything in sight and anything he can climb. He stays close to his sister. As of this moment he is in my lap having a tantrum because I'm on the computer lol.

When my boyfriend left for work this morning the little boy sat at the door and cried for an hour - no matter what I did he went back to the door.

Little Jewel is eating on her own but her eyes are still gooping white fluids. She comes and sits on my foot when she wants to be put up on the couch with me.

We tried to put them in a carrier to sleep but the weren't having it, they cried until we got up and put them in bed with us.

After seeing all of this I have decided to keep Jewel - it is not right to separate them and our landlord is letting us keep her.

I started crying when I seen her eyes this morning and she crawled up my chest and licked the tears at my eyes. There is no way I am giving her up now.

We have read all about the Siamese breed and know we are in for a real treat but have your site to rely on to help us raise these little gifts of life.

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