Remy, the Chattering Blue Point

by Chris
(New York City)

My new buddy, Rémy, is a mixed Blue Point adoptee. He most definitely chose me. I went to the local ASPCA looking to adopt a cat who needed some care and attention. I had viewed several cats and read their profiles about personalities and temperaments and had a few to check out.

Rémy was not on the page, nor was he one of these. I had never owned a Siamese before.

We went into one of the rooms with cats who were out for socialization. The volunteer, another visitor, and I entered the room. The two others tried to get Rémy's attention from a perch for some play time.

Rémy was not interested. I looked at him and said "Well, hello!" My cat hopped down, brushed my legs and sat on my foot. I looked at the volunteer and said, "Well, I guess I've been chosen!"

They warned me that Rémy was a quiet cat who was very introverted and that it would take him many days to a week to adjust, during which time he would probably hide.

Having had cats in the past, I was prepared for a bit of stressed-out behavior. Before letting him out, I prepared some food and his litter box, along with an over-turned cardboard box with arches cut out, complete with blanket, if he wanted a quick place to hide.

Rémy sniffed the food, investigated the litter box, and then strutted from room to room calmly as if to say "All of this is mine, now."

I was beyond amused! Within ten minutes Remy was visiting in my lap and prefers to be there most often.

He is excessively polite. We have established the 'feed me' routine. He sits at the end of the bed and stares at me until I wake up and feed him. From the moment I feed him in the morning he is my companion, no matter which room I enter or how long I am there.

This morning, the third of our adventure together, he saw me open the closet door to look in the full length mirror. I shut the door. Fifteen minutes later he chattered away, insisting that I come to see that he had finagled the door open and recognize his success!

I've never had a Siamese before and could not have asked for a better buddy. I predict many funny, heart-warming moments to come!

Reply from Caroline:

Chris, thank you so much for your story and I'm glad Rémy found himself such a good home with you - he clearly knew a good owner when he saw one. I'm sure you'll continue to enjoy his antics; Siamese cats do tend to enjoy showing off their talents!

He sounds as if he settled in as quickly as my boy Bandit. Like you, I'd been a bit worried that he might hesitate to settle in, but not a bit of it - he took over the house from the moment he walked in!

I hope you continue to have many fun moments together over the years.

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Comments for Remy, the Chattering Blue Point

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Nov 15, 2016
Candy my rescue seal/choc point x
by: Donna Liddle

I rescued my cat Candy, who's nearly 3, from Rolveden Cat Rescue. I think he is a seal point cross but does have deep pinky brown nose, pads, gums etc so may be chocolate. He is not a big-eared sleek boy, more of a big blue-eyed bear. He came from a farm where 19 feral cats were rescued together & I also went on to take in Ruby, a younger B&W cat who came in with him.

When I first met him he was cowered at the back of a pen with a black cat half hidden by a duvet & hid for nearly a week under my TV cupboard when I first rescued him, but now he's a big bouncy playful boy with so much love to give. He is the heart of my big cat family who all my cats love to snuggle with & he loves to cuddle up on the sofa at TV time with us humans.

I can't imagine not having him in our home and am now looking to rescue a big-eared sleek Siamese to join our happy gang.

Jan 15, 2016
Love this story
by: Shadow

I love this story. I hope that you have an awesome life with your Siamese!:)

Aug 14, 2014
Glad for the knowledge
by: Anonymous

Thanks. We have had Kirsy 2 days - her owner died and Kirsy is 8. We brought her in to our home yesterday and she hid behind everything. Today she has walked around and around the apartment and then she will fall on the floor for you to rub her tummy.

We thought she was crying non-stop until I read they purr for hours because they are happy. I so hope this is the case because we already love her and want her life to be joyful. Thank you.

May 23, 2012
Hide and Seek with Oskar
by: Bronny

I am the proud companion to my 16-month-old male seal point Oskar. Oskar is definitely my owner, although he deigns to include my daughter in his family.

One of the best tricks that Oskar performs is hide and seek. I hide his favourite toy, a mish-mash of wool and cloth remnants, which is called 'mine', and he finds it. Oskar's best find yet is 'finding' his toy where I just didn't expect him to find it - in the drawer of our heavy wooden coffee table. He had opened the drawer.

I swear that he hadn't seen me put it there cause he and my daughter were playing in her room. Sure enough, a few hours later he dragged the toy onto my bed and 'told' me to throw it for him.

I have owned Siamese before and will never have any other breed of feline. Siamese are just so smart!

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