by Heidi
(Wausau, WI)

Blondie and Rosie - who's gonna catch the ball?

Blondie and Rosie - who's gonna catch the ball?

My cockapoo, Blondie, wanted a playmate so bad! So I went on the search for a kitten, and I came upon Rosie the Siamese. Blondie and Rosie are the bestest friends! It is so sweet to watch them, they literally eat, sleep, play, and cuddle with me together!

I am truly BLESSED!

I was told that Rosie's mom is a Lynx Point and her father is a Lilac Point. Does this make her an Applehead? I'm a little confused ... thanks for the help!

Reply from Caroline:

Heidi, thank you for your question about Rosie. It's not surprising you're a bit confused - Siamese colors and body types can be extremely confusing!

So to begin with ...

An Applehead is a type of Siamese cat. Type refers to a cat's head and body shape, and I think that Rosie is probably more like a Classic Siamese than an Applehead in body shape, although she's still very young in your photos, and it may be too early to tell for sure.

Then we go on to color. Lynx point and lilac point are both Siamese colors.

However, here things get even more complicated because 'lynx' refers to stripy cats that can be found in a variety of colors, so that you can get seal lynx points, chocolate lynx points, blue or lilac lynx points, and so on.

In the middle photo of Rosie feeding, she looks quite like a lilac point, but she has a darker tail than most lilac points.

As her dad was a lilac point, she's probably inherited some of her coloring from him, and her mom could have been a seal lynx point (with dark ears, nose, feet, tail, etc.) and she may have got her tail from her mom!

Facially, though, she doesn't look typically Siamese, because of the white coloring over her nose and cheeks - and with her white paws she actually looks more like a Snowshoe.

So I think she is a bit of a mixture, but she is certainly very pretty!

Thank you for your photos of Rosie - and I was also really interested to see Blondie as well, as I didn't know what a Cockapoo was.

I've now found out that this is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle, so I've learned something too!

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Jun 18, 2011
by: Jenny

I think Rosie looks a bit like a Ragdoll kitten.

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