Sanskrit, The Lynx Point Siamese

by Laura
(Windsor Mill, MD)

Showing off

Showing off

We adopted Sanskrit, our Lynx Point Siamese, from a rescue organization and he had no paperwork to tell us about his family tree or where he came from.

We thought he was simply a mix of a Siamese and a tabby and didn't realize there's a name for his markings! Who knew we had a little Lynx Point on our hands?

I am so happy I've come across this website! Any idea what color he might be?

I'm thinking Blue Point (his face and ear markings are grey and his leg stripes are a dark tan). I know he might change as he gets older, since he's only four months old now.

Lynx Point Siamese Cat, Sanskrit

Checking out cat products online

I always like to choose unique names for kitties, so when we brought Sanskrit home my husband and I debated for a while over names.

We kept coming up with common names like Snow, Vanilla, etc. and it was hard not to think of ones that were feminine for such a sweet little boy kitten!

I said, 'I want something exotic.' As a historian, I eventually thought of the name Sanskrit, an ancient language that was spoken in India and Tibet.

His nicknames include Skritzy and Skrit.

Lynx Point Siamese cat, Sanskrit

Blue eyes and pink ears!

Reply from Caroline:

Welcome Laura, and thank you so much for both your stories and all the photos; as you can see I've put them together and I hope you like the resulting page.

I agree that Sanskrit looks most like a Blue Lynx Point - as a kitten he looked as if perhaps he might be a Lilac (Frost Point) Lynx but I think he's a little too dark for this now, especially as he'll probably get even darker as he gets older.

The way to tell though is by looking at the paw pads; a Blue Point will have slate-grey paw pads, whereas a Lilac Point should have paw pads with a pinkish undertone.

Sanskrit's look grey in the picture where I can see them, but that might be the lighting. I hope this helps. He's certainly very beautiful!

Reply from Laura (December 2011):

Caroline, thank you so much for posting the page about my beautiful boy!

His paw pads are very dark grey, so your assessment of him being a Blue Point seems to be right on the money.

My husband and I count ourselves so lucky to have Sanskrit. He joined our little family in October. We had adopted two kittens at the end of August - one of whom is Silverbelle who is in the one photo on this page. The other kitten that we adopted was named Coppertone.

After just 2 weeks of Silverbelle and Coppertone being our new babies, Coppertone began bloating in her stomach. We took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with FIP, which is a genetic mutation that causes fluid build up around the heart, lungs, and stomach and is incurable.

Our hearts broke as we made the decision to end her suffering. She was just 4.5 months old.

Silverbelle missed her "sister" as much as we did and it became apparent that we needed to adopt again. That's how we found Sanskrit. There he was - sitting in his little cage at Petsmart, just 9 weeks old, staring at us with those blue eyes! He had a rough go of it too when we first brought him home - he wouldn't eat or drink due to bacterial and viral infections.

With a brief vet stay and at home medication, he soon became his energetic, rambunctious self. We could not have asked for a sweeter boy. And Silverbelle took to him right away - giving him nightly baths, sharing her toys with him, and teaching him how to go straight to Mom and Dad's hearts!

For more about the colors mentioned above, see:

Comments for Sanskrit, The Lynx Point Siamese

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Oct 31, 2018
by: Anonymous

Thanks for the site and the info. We HAD a cat like this (he vanished), but boy, was he a wonder. Never saw a tabby marked like him, and with blue eyes, too, and all dark pads. Most handsome cat I ever had.

He was slightly cross-eyed, too. It all makes sense now, a lynx point Siamese (tabby). He was nearly all white when we got him (thus the name), but he got steadily darker with age, until his stripes were a lovely tan-orange. We then called him Whitey Stripe-Leggin. He had the cutest mannerisms and ways about him .......sigh.

I just need to find another one like him.

Sep 05, 2018
Who’s the father?
by: Anonymous

I fed a stray mother cat who is black in color. She had nine kittens. Two black, two gray, four tabbies and one brown pointed Siamese. He is about six weeks old.

Does that mean the father must be Siamese? Outside, we have seen no Siamese cats.

Feb 06, 2015
Blue Lynx
by: Kelly

I too have a Blue Lynx Point Siamese, named Tonchi (which means "kitty" in Nahuatl Indian - Mexican). She is very sweet and affectionate. She lets me know she wants food or some extra attention by tapping lightly on my leg.

She loves to play with her 2 Ragdoll "sisters". Maya is an Apricot Cream Ragdoll, while Yaluc (Toltec Indian name for God of Lightning) is a Chocolate Lynx Point Ragdoll.

Your Sanskrit is beautiful.

Feb 04, 2015
My lynx point
by: Wendy F.

We rescued what was described to us as a lynx point Siamese. She is nothing like we've ever seen. She is like a dog. She responds to commands, knows "treat", "come on" and "whatareyoudoung" (in that stern tone!)

She will run to the door when a family member pulls into the driveway. If you are home alone, oh she is sooooo needy and wants every second of your attention. She knows how to say what she wants, i.e. "I need food" or "Aren't you gonna let me out?"

She follows me around the house even when other family members are there. She is VERY vocal and we have interpreted many of her meows! A wonderful pet, I wish I could clone her a hundred times. She is one of a kind! Like right now because I'm on the computer, she has to be in my lap. Aww!

Feb 24, 2014
Blue Lynx
by: Anonymous

I have one that looks like your cat. She has gotten darker as she got older. She is nine months old now. The only issue I have with her is her biting. I don't like it because she grabs and tries to pull and twist like ripping food.

I have been working with her and she is better at times then other times not so good. She is a sweetheart otherwise.

Dec 07, 2011
Paw pads
by: Laura

After posting my original remarks about Sanskrit's paw pad color, I went home and looked at them very carefully. The little guy does have a very light pink showing through his dark grey pads.

So maybe he's a lilac lynx after all!

Maybe as he ages his color will become more apparent ... although from nine weeks when we adopted him to now (he's four months old tomorrow) I haven't noticed much darkening. So we'll see!

No matter what his color, we simply ADORE him. :)

Dec 07, 2011
Lynx Point Siamese
by: Kelly

My Lynx point Siamese, Tonchi, is a blue ... yours looks more frost ... aren't they wonderful? Mine is now 10 months old, also a shelter kitten. I also have a seal point Siamese, Suki and a chocolate color pointed Ragdoll named Taj.

Dec 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sanskrit is beautiful! And so is his sister! You are very lucky to be adopted by such lovely creatures!!

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