Siamese Cat Shows

I always love visiting Siamese cat shows, and try and get to them whenever they're taking place near me, as well as going to others that might be further away.

You can learn so much about Siamese cats (and their owners) by wandering round and talking to people showing their cats, as well as browsing the goods stalls and chatting to stallholders and other attendees.

Best In Show
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Below you'll find a list of all the shows featuring Siamese cats and related breeds that I've been able to find around the world.

Not all of them are specifically 'Siamese' shows (these seem to take place predominantly in the UK and Australia, as far as I can find out), but you should find Siamese cats at most of them! The links below will take you to the appropriate country.

And if you're involved in a show that isn't listed here, please contact me to let me know about it and I'll be happy to include it.

Siamese Cat Shows - Australia


22nd-24th February
Royal Canberra Show
Exhibition Park

24th February
Feline Assoc. of South Australia (FASA)
All Breeds Summer Show

Virginia Community Centre
17 Park Rd, Virginia SA 5120
0431 331 269

30th March
NSW Cat Fanciers' Association
State Show 
(all breeds)
Lambton High School
15 Young Road
Lambton, NSW

31st March
Feline Assoc. of South Australia (FASA)
All Breeds Autumn Show

Virginia Community Centre
17 Park Rd, Virginia SA 5120
0401 354 052

8th-9th June
Australian Cat Federation (ACF)
National Cat Show

Hawksbury YMCA Stadium
South Windsor, Sydney, NSW

23rd June
Feline Assoc. of South Australia (FASA) All Breeds Winter Show
St Paul’s, Gilles Plains
  0431 331 269

7th July
GCCFSA - Golden Awards Show
Tel: 0414 237 007

20th-21st July
CCCA National Cat Show
Fred Caterson Reserve, Sydney, New South Wales

27th-28th July
Feline Assoc. of South Australia (FASA)
Annual Show
Virginia Community Centre
17 Park Rd, Virginia SA 5120

Tel: 0430 059 304

30th August-8th September
Royal Adelaide Show
Adelaide Showground
8210 5211

15th September
Siamese Cat Club of South Australia
St Pauls College, Gilles Plains
Tel: 8388 0834

5th October
Blue Point Siamese Society (NSW CFA)

More information about these and other Australian cat shows can be found at:

Show Life
Photo provided by and copyright © Siamazing Siamese Cats

Siamese Cat Shows - United Kingdom (UK)


16th February
Siamese Cat Society of the British Empire
Bugbrooke Sports & Community Centre,
Camp Close, Bugbrooke,
Northampton NN7 3RW

2nd March
Red Point & Tortie Point
Siamese Cat Club
Wendover Memorial Hall

Wharf Road, Wendover
Aylesbury, Bucks HP22 6HF

13th April
Northern Siamese & Oriental Cat Society
Coronation Hall
Milby, Boroughbridge
YO51 9BL

4th May
Chocolate Pointed Siamese Cat Club
Exeter Hall
Oxford Road

11th May
Siamese Cat Society of Scotland |
Nor'East of Scotland Cat Club
The Caird Hall, City Square
Scotland, DD1 3BB

18th May
Balinese Cat Society |

Caramel & Apricot Federation |
Tabby Pointed Siamese Cat Society
Garth Hill College
Bull Lane, Bracknell
RG42 2AD, UK

15th June
Siamese Cat Association |
Oriental Cat Association
Pitsford Sports Hall, Moulton College
Pitsford Road
Northants NN3 7QL

13th July
Balinese & Siamese Cat Club
Samuel Cody Specialist Sports College
Ballantyne Road
Hants GU14 8SS

3rd August
Blue Pointed Siamese Cat Club
Bugbrooke Community Centre
Camp Close
Northampton NN7 3RW

17th August
Lilac Point Siamese Cat Society |
Tabby Point Siamese &
Progressive Breeders Cat Club

Melbourn Village College, The Moor,
Melbourn, Royston, Herts SG8 6EF

5th October
Seal & Blue Point Birman Cat Club
Bracknell Leisure Centre
Bagshot Road, Bracknell, Berks RG12 9SE

9th November
Seal Point Siamese Cat Club

Melbourn Village College, The Moor, Melbourn, Royston, Herts SG8 6EF

16th November
Ulster Siamese & All Breeds Cat Club

Championship Show
Aurora Aquatic & Leisure Complex

3 Valentine Road
Bangor, County Down, BT20 4TH

14th December
National Cat Club |
Tonkinese Breed Club

Bracknell Leisure Centre
Bagshot Road,

Bracknell, Berks RG12 9SE


18th January 2020
Midshires Siamese Cat Association |
Snowshoe Cat Society

Sports Connexion Leisure Club & Venue, Leamington Rd, Ryton-on-Dunsmore,
Coventry, CV8 3FL

TBA 2020
Siamese Cat Club Championship Show
| Tonkinese Cat Club

Siamese Cat Shows - United States (USA)


February 23rd
Malibu Cat Club All Breeds Show (CFA)
Glendale Civic Center
1401 N. Verdugo Road
Glendale, CA  91208

August 31st-September 1st
National Siamese Cat Club
Main Street Armory
900 East Main Street
Rochester, NY 14605

And see the following:

The links below lead to further lists of cat shows all around the USA. They're not necessarily Siamese cat shows, but you may find something near you for a fun day out.

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