Suzie Loves People, But Is a Terror With Other Cats

by Ellen
(New Brunswick, Canada)

About three months ago, I adopted Sue-ling (aka Suzie), a 10-year-old female Tortie Siamese. Her original owner felt that she had to give her up, because Suzie's aggressive behaviour toward two kittens just would not let up.

Suzie was miserable, the kittens were miserable, and, understandably, her owner was distressed.

I already had Leia, a rather large, calm, apple-faced 12-year-old Siamese and I felt that it would be “safe” to bring Suzie into my household.

But not exactly - even though Suzie was much smaller than Leia, Suzie terrorized her. They never really did settle into any kind of a real truce.

As soon as Leia came within Suzie’s range of sight, the chase was on; usually with Suzie catching Leia, and the running battle that ensued greatly alarmed me.

Leia spent a month or so trying to find hiding spots and sneaking to the food dishes and litter box when she could.

Essentially, I had to isolate them from each other in different areas of the house, but I felt that neither cat was getting the attention they needed under this arrangement. It left me feeling torn and guilty.

Suzie was wonderful with me from the beginning – affectionate and extremely well-behaved apart from this aggression.

I was about to attempt to find another home for her – preferably one without other animals – when Leia fell seriously ill. She died Christmas Day of kidney failure.

I suppose it was one of the ironies of life that I was about to give Suzie up, but now I am so grateful for her. She is my comfort and my loving animal companion in Leia’s absence.

I have no plans for any more cats while Suzie is with me. However I am convinced that she fills that need in me to have a loving companion, and I in hers.

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Jan 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

So sorry about Leia. Such a sad and sweet story at the same time.

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