From Rags to Riches - by Cool Hand Luke

by Darlene N Konduc
(Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

My life as a Siamese cat on the street<br><em>(translated from Siamese to English)</em>

My life as a Siamese cat on the street
(translated from Siamese to English)

I am a pure bred Seal Point Siamese cat, and this is my story.

I was adopted as a kitten by my first servant, who named me Lucifer. At first life was good. I was warm, fed and cuddled, and I felt happy and lucky. I grew up and then life changed.

I was often left outside with the garage door slightly open where my food was. As the nights grew colder, I found myself alone, sometimes huddled in the garage and sometimes outside, with many dangers surrounding me.

Occasionally, I was able to sleep inside when my servant was home, then one day he disappeared and never returned. I was left to fend for myself.

It was a tough two years.

Life should not have been like this for a regal Siamese being like me. Cleaning my fur in sub-zero weather became difficult as the moisture often froze on my fur, which in time became filthy and matted.

I foraged for food. Sometimes a kind human would leave me some kibbles outside, but I was terrorized by other lesser fur beings in the neighborhood.

One night, after being clawed-up and shredded, I crawled to a house, bleeding, torn, and with a claw sticking out of my head - my fur all matted and dirty. I was cold and hungry. I thought I was going to die.

The kind folks who lived in the house took me in and became my second servants. They took me to a clinic, patched me up, fed me and gave me a basket to sleep in. I was neutered and vaccinated and named ... Lucy.

Lucy! A Siamese boy named Lucy!

I was allowed in the house, had food and warmth and liked my servants. They were kind to me, but I often still slept outside because the other three fur beings in the house didn't like me.

After a while, it became evident that my servants wanted to give me away or send me to the SPCA. My fate was once again unknown.

A third servant arrived. A lady. I sat beside her hoping she would like me; I felt a nice energy from her. My hopes were raised that maybe this time I'd find someone who wanted me.

She wanted me!

Luke on first arriving with Darlene
First week with Darlene

However she'd neglected to tell me that I would be sharing my space with two other fur beings in the house - a tabby and a beautiful Chocolate Point Siamese - and I felt all the dangers of the streets looming again.

The fur beings treated me kindly and tried very hard to be friends but I was too frightened and intimidated, especially by Caesar, whose Siamese beauty was so regal and beside whom I looked like a scruffy alley cat.

Things did not look good.

I was put into a room alone with a comfortable bed, my own cat tree, and lots of food and water and toys to play with, but fear kept me awake all night.

Luke - week 2
Cuddling my new toy

My servant was very kind to me. She fed me, brushed my coat and cuddled me. I felt safe with her. She loved me and I returned the love, sometimes falling asleep in her arms. I liked being with her but she just didn't understand that those other two had to go!

I went to see Dr Shirley L. who helped me with my anal glands. They sure were sore. Dr Shirley was kind and spoke Siamese! I was impressed.

Luke - week 3
Things are improving

A Reiki person by the name of Susan came to visit three times a week. I liked her and her energy. It relaxed me and made me fall asleep in my servant's arms, providing those other two weren't around.

My name was elevated to Luke. I liked it.

Just as I was getting a little more comfortable, another change came. My servant was going into hospital. "Oh no" I thought, "here we go again. What will she do with me?" I had grown very fond of her.

Luke - week 3
Third week in my temporary home. So tired ...
but I can finally sleep at night

I felt my heart sink. She hugged me, held me, kissed me and lessened my anxiety with Reiki.

On April 30, a man called John Farion came to see me. His own Siamese cat Sam had died of kidney failure and he was heartbroken. Here was my chance to show how much love I can give. My hopes again soared that he would want me and keep me.

On May 1, I was taken to my new manservant John's place. I was shown around, kissed goodbye and told I would never be cold, hungry or afraid again and that I would be loved. Then she left.

John was nice but I was afraid and hid under the couch. It was dark and safe there.

I hid there till 10 p.m. that night when all the lights were out. This could be a safe place - there were no other fur beings here.

I crept up the stairs, climbed under the covers with John and prayed that this would be my furr-ever home. That night, I was in Nirvana!

Luke - week 4
May 1 - the day I left for my forever home

I eat well and am fed chicken and fish (although I'd prefer lobster and tenderloin!) My fur is brushed every day. My life is wonderful. We watch Mew-vies together.

Reiki Susan came to see me. I was happy and showed her my new digs, and she was happy to see me. But it suddenly dawned on me that maybe she came to take me away, and the old familiar fear crept in again.

I sat on the couch behind my man servant John's head. I knew he would not let me go. But she just came to visit me.

I know I'm here to stay. I'm safe and warm, I love John and have lots of love to give him. And he loves me. We're a team.

I'll always be grateful to my servant Darlene for having the insight and kindness to take me and find the right home for me. I have trimmed down, my fur is lovely and I've lost my rough alley cat look.

Dr Shirley says I am healthy; I have FIV but I should live many long, happy and stress-free years and today I made a new friend, a big beautiful German Shepherd dog named Gypsy.

I once again feel like a regal Siamese cat, elevated to the Siamese status and dignity that is my birthright.

I am Cool Hand Luke!

Reply from Caroline:

Darlene, thank you so much for translating Luke's story for us from the Siamese!

It's been so interesting hearing about Luke over the last few weeks on our Facebook page, and it's lovely to have the whole story laid out here with photos as well.

I'm so pleased that Luke has found a home where he can be 'Top Cat'! I hope he does well in his new home with John and that we continue to hear from them from time to time.

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Comments for From Rags to Riches - by Cool Hand Luke

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Jan 02, 2023
re Luke
by: Darlene

When I rescued Luke, I hoped he would bond. I was due for surgery in two days in 2013. I needed a home urgently. I asked the cashier in my grocery store if anyone wanted a beautiful Siamese kitty with no other pets. Luke needed a lot of real love.

A man, John, stood behind me and said he would take him as his Siamese died. I prayed it would work. Since he was in the neighborhood, I visited John and Luke. And it was a happy bond. Years later, I was thrilled to know Luke was still doing well. Thank you John.

Nov 20, 2021
Cool Hand Luke with a warm heart
by: John Farion

Luke is living a fantastic, happy life. He now has had a new friend come live with us who has diabetes and needs a little extra love from me and Luke. Luke asks that others please rescue his cat friends still looking for a home.

They may not be kittens or purebreeds but they have so much love and companionship to give. Go to your local shelter and look for your best friend, he or she is there just waiting for you and when you find each other you will both never be lonely and be loved.

Jun 17, 2013
Re Seal Point
by: Darlene

Hi Anonymous,

The story was heart-warming. I had just listened to Paul McCartney's song Mull of Kintyre. The story reminded me of that song.

Jun 10, 2013
Puff-fect pets
by: Anonymous

I cried through the entire story. I'm glad Luke is happy and well cared for now. It is so sad when these precious animals are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. Shame on the humans who do this!

I rescued two Siamese from the Humane Society on two different occasions. They are both the most amazing creatures. One is a seal point named Coco Chanel, and the other is a seal point named Blue. They must know how lucky they were to be saved because they are the purr-fect cats!

Blue almost died when I first rescued him. He was in the "hospital" for a week and went from 7 pounds down to 5. He was 6 months old. But he was a trooper and is now 10 years old and weighs 12 pounds. I had to spend $1,000 U.S. dollars on him the first week, and I didn't have that type of money to spend, but I was already in love with him! :)

Coco was sick too when I got her at 6 months, but not nearly as ill as Blue was. She is now 5 1/2 years old and weighs the same as Blue. She loves to cuddle and get on my laptop while I'm trying to type!

How lovely, congratulations on your two rescues and the time and work you put into getting them well - it can be hard sometimes but so rewarding. My seal point also loves snuggling up to my laptop - can't decide whether he's just trying to be annoying or whether he's after the warmth! - Caroline

May 22, 2013
Delighted for Luke... tres cool
by: Ming Fang Mao

Hello Everyone

I'm Frankie Ming-Fang-Mao, Lamb Fan, the Cat of 10 Thousand Names. My slave-mummy, like Darlene, cried when she read Luke's story to me.

Although I've never experienced the hardships Luke has, I am very pleased to know there are such loving, caring humans, may we Siamese always be blessed with their love ma'wah!

Like Luke, I'm a seal point, a premiere, but retired many years ago (I'll be 10 this year). My story is however, very different from his. I was born in Northern Ireland, traveled to Vancouver, Canada and recently came to live on the beautiful Isle of Mull on the west coast of Scotland. I can smell my homeland when the wind blows from the south west. Most days I bleat along with the lambs, confusing the ewes, patrol the garden for voles and occasionally have to raise the alarm when Spike the hedgehog shows himself. Ciao for mao Frankie oxox

May 18, 2013
Re From Rags To Riches
by: Darlene

Hi Caroline,

Thank you for posting the story. I cried when I read it again because I remember vividly that month. I also thank your website and the Reiki for pets folks from everywhere that assisted in their loving energy.

Luke will always have a place in my heart but he so belongs with John. It's a match made in heaven.

Love your website.


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