Is Charlie a Tabby Point Siamese?

by Naomi
(Perth, Western Australia)

Helping with homework

Helping with homework

Helping with homework Charlie and Tigerlily First night After a hard day's play

This is my kitten Charlie with her mum Tigerlily, who I adopted from the local shelter. As you can see, mum is a Mackerel Tabby, but is Charlie part Siamese?

She has very pale blue eyes, and is a creamy white with tabby tail and points. She is very mischievous and very friendly. The neighbourhood cats are regularly invited over for dinner!

I have never seen a cat with her colouring, but did own a Chocolate Point Siamese as a child and see many similarities in her playful behaviour and her need to talk to me regularly.

I love them both to bits but am curious about Charlie?

Reply from Caroline:

Welcome Naomi - what a beautiful kitten you've got there!

Charlie certainly looks like a Tabby Point Siamese (also known in some countries as a Lynx Point Siamese - there's a cat on that page who looks very similar to Charlie.)

It's very interesting to see Charlie with her mum as we can instantly see where Charlie got her Mackerel Tabby genes from. Tigerlily is very beautiful too!

I would guess that Charlie's dad was probably a wandering un-neutered Siamese, or possibly a male of a breed with similar colouring.

The gene that causes the Siamese pointed coat pattern is called the 'Himalayan' gene, and it's found in several different cat breeds.

However, from the look of her, and from what you say about Charlie's character, I would think that there are certainly Siamese genes in the background somewhere.

It sounds as if you've got yourself quite a little character there (as well as a very smart cat, as Charlie appears to have inherited a love of maths along with her Siamese genes!)

Reply from Naomi:

Thanks Caroline. The photo you had was what prompted me to thinking Charlie was part Siamese. As she's getting older the tabby points are getting more defined also creating such a lovely and unique colouring.

I adopted these two when I was off work due to an injury and they have been such good company. Charlie follows me everywhere (and gives advice) as you can see helping with Maths, cooking in the kitchen and even joins me in the shower.

Thank you for all the wonderful information you have gathered, I look forward to reading more stories and sharing pictures with other lucky Siamese-owned cat lovers.

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Comments for Is Charlie a Tabby Point Siamese?

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Jul 14, 2011
Tonkinese also a possibility
by: Caroline (Admin)

I think what we can say for sure about Charlie is that there are Siamese genes in her background somewhere. She's a mix, and at the moment I think perhaps she looks more like a Tabby Point Siamese mix than a Tonkinese mix.

Members of the Tonkinese cat breed have a greenish tinge to their eyes, which are generally described as acquamarine. Naomi described Charlie's eyes as light blue, and blue eyes are more of a Siamese characteristic, but where it gets complicated is that there is also a variety of Tonkinese cat that has blue eyes!

From a breeding perspective, a purebred Tonkinese kitten must have two Tonkinese parents. If the kitten has one Siamese and one Burmese parent, it can also be called a Tonkinese, but it is not allowed to be shown.

So Charlie, whose mother is a tabby and whose father is unknown, can't officially be called a Tonkinese (or, for that matter, a Siamese), although it's certainly possible that she may look like either of the two. Cat breeding and showing is ever-so complicated ... !

If you'd like to know more, My Mystic Tonkinese has lots more information about Tonkinese cats.

Jul 13, 2011
Charlie is Tonkinese?
by: Marilyn

Charlie looks just like my Sheamus. We adopted him at the SPCA when he was three months old. Exact same colouring as Charlie, even the tail is the same, but Charlie's is darker. The vet told us that Sheamus is a Tonkinese, which is part Siamese and part Burmese.

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