My Flame Point, Cecil

by Samantha

Just stole some ravioli!

Just stole some ravioli!

My husband and I had just moved out to our own place and we were looking to adopt a cat because we both love them so much. I spent a lot of time on the internet looking and researching what kind of cat we should get, and I even put in some applications on pet adoption sites with no luck.

Then one day I was walking my dog and he found a small white kitten who was wandering the road crying for help. My dog refused to leave its side and when a woman began to back out of her driveway, unable to see the two animals, I quickly picked both of them up and carried them to safety.

I questioned our neighbors and landlord but nobody seemed to know who the kitten belonged to. It seemed someone had dumped the little kitten with a purple flea collar that was too tight on it. It was the middle of November, so I decided to adopt the little guy and give him a warm home.

Initially we thought he was a girl and called him 'CiCi' but I learned that he was a boy when I took him to the vet for a check up. I had to come up with a name on the spot for the vet's records, so I renamed him Cecil since it sounds similar to CiCi.

Cecil was an incredibly active kitten and would play until he literally collapsed from exhaustion! He would then climb up under my chin and sleep there. He's over a year old now and still very active but now he's too big to sleep under my chin. He still tries though and I often wake up because he's so heavy on my chest!

Cecil is such a little piggy. He cries to be fed even when his bowl is full. He loves to knock over his water bowl and chase the dog all day. He's very vocal too. He even answers us when we talk to him.

He's my husband's best friend and loves to cuddle with him. Cecil has become like our child now and I can't imagine life without him. Sometimes he's a handful, but I'm so glad he's with us because he brings us such joy.

Reply from Caroline:

Thank you for sharing Cecil's story with us, Samantha! It always surprises and saddens me just how many kittens with Siamese coloring (many of them flame points) are found dumped or abandoned or stray. How wonderful that your dog refused to abandon him! Thank you for saving him and for giving a loving forever home.

Abandoned kittens do often tend to eat whenever and however much they can, probably because for a while they didn't know where their next meal was coming from. My own cat, also a stray, was like that for a good or year or two when we first got him, but he settled into a normal eating pattern eventually.

Cecil sounds like a real character and they do bring such joy into our lives.

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Nov 19, 2023
I managed to get two red points but...
by: Mark C.

I love these little guys but I had a rare happening. Managed to pick up litter mates from the local shelter only to find out two distinctive things.

One, they're not "quite" red point Siamese in that their eyes are copper instead of blue.

The second? They're female. Most reds are male from what I gather. That said, my girls "Saylor and Diamond" are a joy to have around.

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