My Sasha, and the Things She Does

by Susan
(BC, Canada)

This is my own pillow

This is my own pillow

My chocolate point Siamese passed away and I started to look for a small dog, but the prices were too costly. So I started to look on the net and I spotted this lynx point Siamese. The price was right and when I saw her I fell in love with her.

She has grown since then, and does some funny things that I never knew another cat would do. I made her a pillow and at first she started to pick it up and sneak around the corner and you never knew, but now she has it in her mouth meowing as she carries it. That is cute in itself.

She doesn't like to be left alone, but when we get back she will bug me and then come to where I'm at the computer and meow until I let her jump up and hold her in my arms while she prrrrrrrrrs away. This is a everyday thing for her. She has to be sitting with me in the living room as well - she would have it no other way.

She loves to bat around a chestnut, and if you're not watching her you will miss a slipper. She grabbed my slipper one day and I couldn't find it. I looked everywhere but started to think where else could it be. I went to do my laundry, and guess what - I found it in her bed! That was funny but very cute at the same time.

Each day she amazes me with what she does. One of the games she loves is to grab a plastic mouse and stuff it under the sofa without you looking. Is it a game for her, or does she just love to watch you find it for her?

Reply from Caroline:

Hi Susan, and thank you for your story about Sasha and the things she does! Her behavior sounds typically Siamese - I know someone else whose cat used to steal one of her fluffy winter boots and hide it all the time.

Others are known to have a whole stash of toys they've hidden under the sofa! And you're right, it is a game to them and I think part of the game is the enjoyment they get from watching you trying to figure out what they've done with the toy!

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Comments for My Sasha, and the Things She Does

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Dec 20, 2020
by: Susan

Sasha likes to follow me to the bathroom while rubbing her body on me. Other things she loves to do is rub her face on my glasses trying get them off. The newest thing she likes to do is treadle my slippers while on my feet. She forgets about her claws so it is a good thing I got the right nail clippers that you can use on cats and dogs and I clip them as they get too long.

She has jumped off my legs and left deep scratches so to fix this I add some lavender essential oil on it. I put a drops on it all day long and as time goes on it starts to fade. You can use it for burns as well but again it takes time.

I love it when she sits near the window watching the little birds and she forgets there is a window between her and the birds. If you're in another room you will hear a bang and then I went running to find out she hit her head on the window thinking she can walk through it.

Aug 03, 2018
Sasha, My Loving Kitty
by: Susan

Well, the last time I posted was some time ago. Sasha's new thing now is to pick up her colored ball with a bell in it and bing it to you, and once you pick it up and throw it the game is on as she will bat it and chase it around the house and down the hallways and back to you again.

She has a squeaky mouse and she will bring that to you as well. Her games never stop - I have found all 7-8 jingle bells under the sofa as one ball is not enough for her, she has to have it all.

Just the other day she went nose to nose with our 70 plus year old tom Persian cat, standing there with their mouths open testing the scent of each other. When Sasha got that she walked in the other direction and would not even go near again, very strange for a cat.

If you don't give her the attention she wants she goes to the next person. She loves to be in my arms when I'm on the sofa and she loves to keep me there all day if she can ... or if I'm on the computer looking for something she will jump up and want me to hold her and stay there in my arms. She gets heavy but she doesn't care as long as she has me right where she wants me to be.

I would never give her up for anyone. These lynx point Siamese as so special.

I loved my Applehead (chocolate Siamese) Coco and I lost him. He looked like the one on this site. I loved him so much and I have not forgotten him. I have a recording of him meowing as well right to the end of his life.

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