Siamese cat breeders in Europe

The Siamese cat breeders in Europe shown below are listed alphabetically by country, then by cattery name.


Special note for breeders in Europe

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Siamese breeders in Europe


+32 475 31 34 09

Siam Bleu
Myriam Steenhaut
+32 498 832259

Sianous Calins
Benedicte Ludwig
5310 Eghezee
+ 32 81 73 93 03

Van Asseau
+32 479 81 41 63


Featured breeder

Eldomati Thai & Siamese Cats
Charlottenburg, Berlin 10587
Jeannette Timm

0049 30 34 70 88 91


Daisuki Thai
Bayreuth, Bavaria
Stephanie Puchta

Moongem's Cattery
Maintal, Hessen
Cathrin Centner


Featured breeders

Siamese cat from La Corte del Siam

La Corte del Siam
Milan, Italy
Katia Lembo
+39 335 5297088

Phaithai Cattery Old Style Siamese
Francesca Pinto
Turin, Italy
+39 011 740384


Divignano (NO)
Tarja Niemelä
+39 331 8020194


Cattery Calvencade Cats
+31 492 592077

Dave & Maaike Moynes
2135 NH Hoofddorp
+31 235 658700

Cattery Pamiliclo's
Hetty van Soest

Veenendaal (between Utrecht and Arnhem)


Gallet Olie Thai Cattery
Lviv, Ukraine
Liliya Barbul
+38 06 7287 8125

The breeder listings above are provided as a service to our readers. Life with Siamese Cats neither inspects catteries nor provides any form of warranty for the breeders listed here. Please do your own research into the trustworthiness of breeders and health of their kittens. 

Please read our 'Guidelines for Buying a Siamese Kitten'  for further information.

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