Siamese Cat Breeders in New Zealand

The Siamese cat breeders in New Zealand listed below are shown first by island (North or South) and then alphabetically by cattery.

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Siamese cat breeders in New Zealand

North Island

Featured breeders

Jayallwend Siamese
Levin and Palmerston North
Wendy and Joni McComb
06 368 9991

Siamese cat logo from Jayallwend Siamese

Scallywaggs Siamese & Orientals
Palmerston North
Pat Fletcher and John McBride

06 354 2222

Tasanee Cattery
Otaua, Auckland

Brenner Cats
Cambridge, Waikato
Joanne Austin

027 227 3044

Enzela Cats
Waiake, Auckland
Nancy Philip

09 476 2595

Cambridge, Waikato
Sandra and Josh Melville
027 823 2131 or
027 9144 749

Wattledowns, Auckland
Sue Davis
09 267 8214

Nomices Cattery
East Auckland
09 576 5065

West Auckland

Halcombe, Palmerston North
Alison Harland
027 667 5514

Andrea Browne
Hamilton, Waikato
07 838 5004

Kawerau, Bay of Plenty
07 323 6232

Helensville, Auckland
Avon Aspden
09 420 8383

Ray and Gail Eder
Rodney, Auckland
09 425 8253

Sirrahsunam Cats
Morrinsville, Waikato
Dorothy Harris
021 0226 4048

Slique Cattery
Waiatakere City, Auckland
Jan Allott
09 416 9809

Snocrest Siamese
Otaika Valley, Whangarei, Northland
Clive Bray

09 432 9355

Zarzuela Cats
West Auckland
09 833 4994

South Island

Azrak & MEIShaiMaus
South Dunedin
Lynn and Dave Love

03 455 6816

BhaliHi Balinese
Yvonne and Warren Pender
03 352 8143 or
027 229 5650

Ashburton, Canterbury
Pauline Walker
03 308 5807

Amber Chamberlain
027 381 4456

Wainoni, Christchurch
Noel & Sue Davis
03 389 7408

Mountain View (Boarding Cattery)
Pauline and Nicki Pullan
North Canterbury
03 312 0922

Musselburgh, Dunedin
Kama Taylor
027 368 2337

Ashburton, Canterbury
03 308 7967

The breeder listings above are provided as a service to our readers. Life with Siamese Cats neither inspects catteries nor provides any form of warranty for the breeders listed here. Please do your own research into the trustworthiness of breeders and health of their kittens. 

Please read our 'Guidelines for Buying a Siamese Kitten'  for further information.

Life with Siamese Cats reserves the right to refuse or remove the listing of any breeder that fails to provide high standards of animal care and customer service.

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