Siamese Cat Breeders in Australia

Below you'll find our list of Siamese cat breeders in Australia, arranged in alphabetical order by state or territory, and then by cattery.

All breeders have their own websites where you can find out more about them, see pictures of their cats and kittens, and make contact.

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Siamese cat breeders in Australia

New South Wales

Featured breeder

Zarlee Orientals & Siamese
Wendy Hamilton
Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia
0413 998544

Amazing Cattery
Falls Creek
Aaron Heiler
02 4447 8472 or
04 0011 6699

Quakers Hill, Sydney
Shara Walsh
04 0267 8771

Bajimbi Cats
Cronulla, 2230
02 9523 3507

Christernee Siamese
Windsor, NSW
02 4575 1007

Full Circle Siamese
Wilton, Sydney, 2571
Sharryn or John
02 4677 0061 or
04 1456 7895

Jingili Cattery
Baulkham Hills, Sydney
Valda McDermott

02 9838 7170

Kalinya Cattery
Wollongong, 2650
Tony and Bev Hurry
02 4272 7764

Satiny Cats
Anne McNaughton

Newcastle, 2299
Phillipa Perkins
02 4956 1859

Trilian Cattery
Freemans Reach, NSW 2756
Penny and Grant Richardson
02 4579 7180


Gold Coast
Mark & Lynda Roper
07 5520 7214

07 4055 2225

07 4121 3538

Sacred Siamese
07 3285 3038 (Adam) or
04 3421 0404 (Georgine) or
04 0499 6927 (Sarah)

Seki Cats
Bruce and Donna Evans
7 Jacana Drive, Adare
Queensland 4343
Tel: 07 5462 3292

South Australia

08 8280 8308

Virginia 5120
04 5019 9404

08 8529 2419

Mt Barker, 5251
Anne Fanning
08 8388 0834

Kapunda, 5108
Richard & Lisa McNeil
08 8566 3516

Templeton Cats
Hamley Bridge
Matthew & Melanie Wood
04 0790 0322

Anne Christie
Strathalbyn 5255
08 8536 3106


Featured breeder

Tiffyan Cats
Launceston, Tasmania
61 3 431462

0438 577 973

Graystons Cattery
03 6381 1105 or
04 8744 0246


Campari Cats
Mulgrave, 3170
Janet Overton
03 9560 1080

Healesville, 3777
Melwyn & Bob Fleay
04 0805 0727

Rosemarie Cattery
Lyn & Pat Robinson
03 5829 9395

04 0466 6519

Elizabeth Angus

Melbourne, 3980
04 1577 3990

North Sunshine, Melbourne
Meryle Frame
03 9311 2486 or
04 0814 1657

Western Australia

Chicas Cats
Southern River, 6110
Sue Game
04 0908 2395

Wandi (25 min. Perth)
Galina & Rod Pattinson
04 1295 3989 (Rod)

The breeder listings above are provided as a service to our readers. Life with Siamese Cats neither inspects catteries nor provides any form of warranty for the breeders listed here. Please do your own research into the trustworthiness of breeders and health of their kittens. 

Please read our 'Guidelines for Buying a Siamese Kitten'  for further information.

Life with Siamese Cats reserves the right to refuse or remove the listing of any breeder that fails to provide high standards of animal care and customer service.

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